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My puppy learned a lesson about overstepping the front at about 50 second mark lol.

We hunted a new place today.
Jumped em fine but running was tough.

Only killed one since I plan to run here after season

1-16-21 Trio. First time hunting this place.
Bounce, Benelli, and Sadie.

Sort of tough time running today...
Went from struggling and walking a scent to rolling on scents...
6 month old bounce learning from the ladies. Watch Sadie cut him at the 50 second mark lol.

Could’ve killed 3, but only killed 1 since I plan to run here during off-season.


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Wow....Real nice pack of hounds! They do a fine job!!!

I like it a lot! You should be very proud of those dogs.

Thanks for posting that very nice video. You did a good job making it.

Tell us what the breeding is on that good pack of hounds.?
Aaaah man these just backyard dogs

Nothing special

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