you find them in the strangest places

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  1. the landscaping guy found this bed of babies a couple of weeks ago while working on the flower beds. if you notice the last picture thats the scales and silos at our asphalt plant. big trucks are coming across those scales everyday all day. asphalt all around and people too.
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    Steve - you need to scoop them up and take them to the running grounds before they get flatten by a big truck.
  3. yeah i thought about it. whats weird is we see fox and fox tracks all over the place on our yard, even caught one in a trap awhile back. we had a bed of baby rabbits raise across the parking lot last year.
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    That's pretty cool and great pics.

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    Your pics are going to turn my little girl againest rabbit hunting.
    Great pics. Take them to a Sunday school class Sunday.

    The kids will love them.
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    Yep they will raise just about anywhere had some to raise in a very small weed patch right in front of my dog pens 3 years ago about 12 feet away.Them baby rabbits just about worried my dogs to death that year me too with the barking and carrying on every am and pm.
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    cool pic. our female found a nest of babys yesterday while running. gald i was close by to stop her from eating them.