yellow creek

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  1. rose

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    whats the speed on these dogs whats are the good and bad things on these dogs:headscratch:
  2. reevo

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    there r 2 main yellow creek strains fast ones and slo-med ones i dont raise the fast ones but i do raise the good slo-med ones they have above average noses and close clean check work and most start off slo ad gain a step or 2 as they mature and most slot up they r tcp style and they give alot of mouth on track and shut up n a check if they have 1 just good ole rabbit dawgs

  3. Bglenut

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    Just depends on who is the breeder of the current Yellow creek line. Some are fast, med, and slow.

    You really need to look at the full pedigree on the hounds and watch the sire and dam run.

    The ones I have seen in the past are Med to med-plus in speed. Great hunt and control.