Yellow Creek "Red Dogs"

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    Wondering if anyone out there is familiar with the "Red Dogs" out of Jim Swan, Roy Rice, or Ron Ransom to name a few. I have had a few of these dogs and they were the absolute best rabbit dogs i've seen. Thinking about getting another and in general just interested in this "strain" of hounds.
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    yellow creek, blood line ?
    if so i have questions for you. and would like to hear more.

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    I got a hold of the breeder we got our dog out of so i accomplished my mission but would be more than happy to talk or answer any questions that you may have. Always love talkin dogs :D
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    i have yellow creek blood in my dogs is why i am asking.

    -what traits do you like in the yellow creek so much that you wanted another dog from that breeding?

    -what trait do you like the most of these dogs.

    -are they pure yellow creeks or yellow creeks crossed with some other blood?

    i guess i will do a few at a time so i dont bombard you all at one time.

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    The traits that stand out in the two yellow creek dogs i have owned are that they are practically trash proof, neither of the dogs i have owned have EVER even showed interest in deer at all, with out any training on our parts. They are outstanding jump dogs, tight mouthed enough so that we know if they open there is a rabbit up and moving, cold nosed enough so that they will track a rabbit for who knows how long until they eventually jump it, tireless to the point that i honestly believe they would hunt until they died if you let them but at the same time handle flawlessly, extremely smart, and good with other dogs.

    The trait i like most is on that i didnt mention above, it is that when you let these dogs out in a woods they are gonna get a rabbit up if there is one in there. The second on of them jumps it, the others honor them and come sprinting. I have found that these dogs consistantly solid performance creates a trust with the other dogs. They know that if one of them bark there's a rabbit.

    Looking at the two pedigree's i have and a little bit of information what i gather is that while these dogs arent pure yellow creek dogs they are very closely related. I honestly connot tell you for sure tho. It appears that a group of guys got some yellow creek dogs, along with other dogs here and there and have been breeding them pretty close trying to achieve the perfect hound. These dogs started with yellow creek, gray's linesmen, and others but they have incorporated them into individual breed programs.

    Doing research has made me wonder a few things so i will hopefully have some more information soon as i am going to talk with the breeder to try to find out more.

    How about you? what are the qualities that you like in the hounds? what stands out to you above other hounds? stay in touch and good runnin!
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    nice post i enjoyed reading it.
    i have only been into beagles for 2 years or so.
    so i dont know a whole lot. other than i want some like you discribe.

    i want them to be good jump dogs that stay in that brush, that dont walk the paths ( thats my job).
    that have good line but have a little foot also.
    say a 7 or so BUT dont out run thier nose. if it's a bad day the brains to gear it down.
    i would rather have a slower race. than a race with a bunch of brake downs.
    with stop and go style running. all my dog's/pups are under one year old. i have one UBGF style dog that will be 2 in march.(doc)
    i bought him before i found out beagles are not all alike.
    boy did i get a wake up call.:banghead:
    here is a link to my web-site you can see thier pedegree's on there
    if you like.
    except for kate an doc they all come from the same place.
    Judge-annie and diamond will be my core breeding dogs if they turn out like i expect them to.
    for no more than she has been run kate is doing really well for a 11 month old, i plan on running her allot to see how she turns out . she is very competitive. which cause's her to over run the line a bit. but i think she will settle down a hair with age and confidence by getting more run/solo time. she has by circumstance been entered into a couple ARHA LP trials and done very well for a pup. i think she to will cross well with my laneline dogs.
    and Ol'Doc will be our pup trainer. he has Showed ARHA PP potential or i may try him in UBGF not sure yet. but he will be to slow to run with these other dogs when they get big.
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    well it sounds like your up for some serious fun!!! we have one pup right now who is just under a year. he's not yellow creek but he is coming along very nicely. its been tough in our area because of such a high canine population and hardly any rabbits but we have found a nice place to run him where guys hunt coyotes with hounds so theres plenty of bunnies. patience is the key. we havent had a young dog in about ten years so for me its just been hard remembering that he isnt gonna run one real hard every day or at all. but any time in the woods is good. we only have two dogs at the moment our banjo who is ten months and holly who is nine years. holly is doing a good job of helpin us start banjo and combined with plenty of solo time in the woods he's started to really come into his own recently.

    great web site and you have some GREAT looking dogs. Judge really stands out to me. i have just recently stumbled across the Laneline's web site and they seem to have it figured out when it comes to beagles. I think you seem to also. you know what you want and know what to work for, thats good never accept less.

    we have never done any field trails. there really arent any clubs or trails around our area so we mainly just hunt our dogs. there is one coming up this saturday tho, and we've decided to enter our old holly dog in it. she's not as quick as she used to be but i'm going mainly to meet people in our area with beagles.

    we used to have two other beagles who i miss alot and so does our holly i think. they were one heck of a pack, they all complemented each other perfectly and we had some amazing runs with them. I have a feeling once all your dogs get into their prime you'll have plenty of those also :wink: when you have YOUR dogs at full cry theres nothing better, nothing can compare. i'm still working on some more research on our yellow creek bloodlines, i'll keep you posted
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    please do ,and thanks for the kind word's.
    Take care
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    Great Post fellows, very interesting and educational reading. I've learned quite a bit from this. Thanks