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    I have used it in the liquid form, had no problems with it.


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    Ive seen this locally, but aren't there cheaper wormers. Ive used equimax with luck and have gotten pills from other places for less than half price. Not trying to sound smart, but is this product worth more money. I don't want to short my dogs if its better.
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    Woodleaf, you are right, there are cheaper and just as effective products out there, I use liquid ivermec 2 months and then equimax or zirmectrin gold the 3rd month, then start all over. I can get 2 months doses out of one tube of the paste and a 50 ml bottle of ivermec will last forever for me. I do replace it every so often.

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    I bought some of the Worm X but paid around $19 for it. I like to mix wormers up a little bit and use something different every now and then.
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    FB go to lambertvetsupply.com