worms/parasites from raw rabbit scraps

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  1. Just read on a post on AR hunting.net about parasites being passed from a rabbit to your beagles by feeding the scraps to the dogs. Do you think this is a bad idea, or is it worth the risk? I've always thought that it was good for the dogs to feed them the scraps,and entrails, but we were cleaning some yesterday, and they without a doubt had a couple of tapeworms in some of them. Surely there are lots of other parasites that will be passed on to the dogs, but maybe thats what wormers are for?
  2. FB

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    If I see a tapeworm I wont feed any of it to the dogs but otherwise I almost always give em at least the head or feet, especially pups.

    I worm regularly whether I see any or not so Im not too worried about giving em any, but thats just me.

  3. Hobo Joe

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    Dogs get tape worms from fleas, fleas eat the tapeworm egg, dog mouths the dead rabbit inadvertently ingesting the flea and the tapeworm life cycle continues
  4. cdp

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    i only feed the heads and feet. never the entrails
  5. Bglenut

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    I will feed the scrapes to my hounds, I also worm my hounds each month.
  6. bglehound

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    After cleaning I let the hounds have the heart and lungs, pups get the feet and head.
  7. TC

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    This is a very interesting topic to me for I had a rabbit get mange so was looking up mange treatment for rabbits which lead me to the recommended treatment of ivermec shot to the rabbit for mange. This research lead me on to other topics of parasites which lead me further to discovering that rabbits too can have heart worms. I was quite frankly surprised that rabbits can carry heart worms. This makes me wonder if you feed dogs raw rabbit if it exposes them to heart worm disease.
  8. rebelbeagle

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    Mine get cooked rabbit scraps nothing raw.
  9. High Rock Beagles

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    Heart worm can only be transfered by mosqitose's. I give them the heart, liver, and kidney's and that's it. I like Bglenut worms my hound's every month!!! It is a good practice turned on to me by my Vet.