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    Which wormers do you use? I used Ivercmectin for a long time but lately I understand it isn't as safe as I thought and it doesn't get all of the worms according to some studies. I went to my vet and bought a worm pill that does it all and it seems to really work but it cost $7.50 each. Any ideas?



    AJSDAD New Member

    Valbazan! Treats everything but heartworms,I like it.

  3. Echo Hill's

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    I use Ivomec monthly for heart worms prevention 2/10 cc and Valbazen 1 day every other month 2cc. I give new hounds 2cc Valbazen 3 days in a row then start them on every other month. I like the panacur on smaller pups but believe Valbazen doesn't hurt the small ones either. It is reported to also help on prevention of beaver fever(giranda) and cocci in pups also. Nemex seems to be like pouring water thru them. I'm sure that it helps but not convinced its that good on hooks.

    What kind of pill was it that the vet sold you? There are several cheaper versions of Droncit and Sistec(sp?) available that are just as good.

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    Where do u get Valbaneze?
  5. Echo Hill's

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    At most Farm and Supply stores that carry a wider selection of livestock wormers.

  6. FB

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    I used Ivomec every month and Canine All Wormer every three months.

    The CAW is supposed to take care of 11 different worms including tapes. The only downside is that you have to order it online from Australia. Shipping is pretty reasonable though and it usually only takes about 7 - 10 days to get it.
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    I use Ivomec once a month for heartworms and Valbazen once a quarter. This plan works well for me! If you are having a tapewprm issue, make sure your dogs are flea free then use 1cc per 10lbs Valbazen for three days. Follow up 7 to 10 days later with one dose of Valbazen to make sure you get rid of the eggs! I'm not a vet but I beleive using Ivomec and Valbazen keeps the worms from becoming resistant to either wormer?
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    Been using Equimax since last fall and it seems to work great, I'll start ivermec in March thru Oct. I also use liquid Safeguard also at 1 cc per 10 lbs.
    Valbazen has worked well in the past also.
  9. Ivomec and about every third month I use safeguard.

    Ivomec- a quarter of a cc or a little less
    safeguard- 3 cc for 3 days in a row
  10. Spini Boys

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    Safeguard quarterly, 1% Ivomec monthly
  11. Addis

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    I use Equimax 3 days in a row if I see worms. Pea sized squirt put on the back of the tongue. Takes care of all worms.
  12. we use 1/10 th of cc per 10lbs of ivermec every month for heartworms
    generic drontal plus pills every 90 days for all other worms
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    I thought if you used Equimax, you only had to give it one time then use it again 20 days later in case there were eggs? If I know they have worms do I need to use Equimax 3 days in a row?
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    I would not, because of the ivomec in it. Once, then do it 20 days later like you stated.
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    Also DO NOT give Equimax to hound under 1 yr of age. It will kill young hounds.

    Please click on the link above that I posted and read it.