Woo-Hoo!!!! Bath Day !!!!

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  1. temps gonna be upper 50's to lower 60's... gonna get them stinkey dull coated dirty dogs in some soapy water this afternoon!!! Ya know what that means ??? PICTURE DAY :thumb:.
  2. Pictures !!!!!

    This is Chase... he is the alpha of the bunch.

    This his his littermate brother Hunter

    Of the two... Chase is the faster, but less line control, not as much patience as Hunter. Both are very true
    to their mouth, they will not say a word unless the bunny is moving. Both are very fast and work a check
    very tight.

  3. This is my lil man - Twister

    Hell of a lot of hunt and heart to go with it. Took him to a ARHA Little Pack trail last weekend and he held
    his own wirh hounds that had legs twice the length of his. Judge said SPEED was not this hounds weakness.
    Would not part with this man for anything.

    This is Missi's lil gyp Kickin-It Ki-Ki

    A well bred Branko pup.. One Tuff Ombre... Jack Of all Trades ... Heli-prop. She was jeust getting started
    and went into heat... but she is back in the briars as of next weekend.
  4. This is my beauty - Trixie

    Not started yet... still in her first heat cycle so will be out in a week or two. She is not a part of my breeding plans
    I just wanted a pretty bule tick... and I believe I could not have gotten any better.

    This is my youngest - Ripley
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    She will begin my breeding program in a cpl years, once she proves herself worthy of breeding. She was out in the field
    for her first time two weekends ago... harked, packed, tongued a little bit and correctly, worked a check like she had been
    doing it all her life. AT 6 month of age I could not have asked for a more promissing start.
  5. Hoot

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    Thats some good looking hounds man,I would be proud of them myself
  6. RKW

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    Good looking dogs you got there Deter! :up:

  7. those are some good looking dogs
  8. THanks Guys... as you can tell the youngsters are not used to stacking :banghead:. But they will get there...
  9. some good looking dogs you got there ddetar
  10. man, nice looking hounds. Thanks a bunch for sharing them with us.
  11. dbounds

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    Looking good Dennis! This time last year you were just getting started and now look at you roll. You've come a long way Pilgram!!
  12. Thank You My Captain...

    You have been a great teacher... your patience and guidance has done me well.

    Spring time is upon us and we need to get some running in berfore it is too hot and Turkey Season kicks off. I say the weekend of the 28th... ???
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    nice looking hounds
  14. Bglenut

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    Nice Looking Hounds
  15. daveh

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    hounds are looking good.:bolt:
  16. TC

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    Dang them Some NICE lookin Hounds there Dennis....
    Kinda like that Trixie myself been looking for a Nice jip to breed ol Runner to....
    As far as the others go you Know how I like em. :wink:
    Gonna try and get some pics of the pups to ya this week. JC and KC are out of town so will have to be when they get back......Tim has his picked out already..:up:
  17. Well Well ... welcome to the south my Kentucky friend. Perhaps ... one day... we may be able to put Trixie and Runner together... I believe they are of the same core breed. She does not have the legs runner has... but parhaps the cross would give us a happy medium.

    I am still interested in your thought of a Chase X Tassel breeding :thumb:!

    can you help me with world hunt plans? It is in your neck of the woods, Missi & I are wanting to set up shop...
  18. TC

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    Yeah a Happy Medium Would be NICE .. 14" to 14 1/2" Female with His Nose and Conformation good Meduim Speed I would be Happy LOL

    We Will Talk on the Chase x Tassel now that i see waht she can Produce Verdict is still out on the hunt But Conformation is There!!!!!

    NOW as far as the World Hunt What do you need??? A place to Stay??
    Ok Done!!!!
    As far as getting Set up as a vendor I Will work on that for ya NOT sure Just WHO to get ahold of this year but I will find out for ya...Seein if i can get ya a Spot Close the the clubhouse might be a little harder But I am Sure we Can get ya CLOSE......We are about 45 min to an hour or so away from the Grounds...
    Have you Contacted
    JOHN ULRICH [email protected] (812) 746-0159 or
    ROGER BEARD (812) 454-3360
    thaey would be able to tell ya more as far as setting up as a vendor.
    Like i said Yall are More than Welcome to stay here I have the trailer set up
    Nobody has Said they wanted it yet!!!!
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    nice looking hounds