wives and beagles?

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    If your married, what part if any does your wife play in your dogs?

    Mine doesnt hunt or run with me but she'll check on my dogs when Im gone and make sure theyre fed and watered but thats about it.

    She's the socializing expert though. She'll take a whole litter of pups and bring em in the house and let em run wild and play with em and get em started on puppy chow. I havent raised a shy pup yet and I think she's a pretty big reason for it.

    The closest she's ever come to griping about my dogs is asking me one time if I had any idea how much money I had spent on dogs in a years time. I told her no and that I didnt want to know either. :smack:

    I talked her into going to Missouri with me next weekend for a field trial. I doubt she'll spend much if any time at the trial but if the roads are good she's gonna keep my truck and do a little shoppin' in Springfield or Branson (maybe theyll be just a little bit slick :pray:). She's mostly just going for the ride and to get away for the weekend and spend some time with me (her words).
  2. I am very lucky my wife loves the beagles as much as i do. She hunts the dogs with me and loves going to the trials especially when her dogs do better than mine lol (which seems to happen to often):headscratch:

  3. my wife hates my dogs with a passion. I get worried when I leave that she might get rid of them while I'm gone. I came home from deer camp last fall and they had been out of water for like two days. I got to find a better babysitter.
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    My wife loves the dogs and going hunting with me. We have been married for 35 years and gone together since the 7th and 8th grade and she is still my best friend. I can't remember when she ever told me that she didn't want to go hunting with me. She feeds, waters, helps doctor and keep the kennels clean. What more could you ask?

    P.S. She told me she can't remember the last time that I cleaned the pens.
    " Bless Her Heart"

  5. My wife likes the beagles she help me doctor them when they need it she will water and feed them when she has to .She doesn't won't to go with me. But she loves to watch the pups sight chase the rabbit in the back yard
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    Absolutely nothing
  7. I've been teaching my wife about beagles and hunting ever since we have been married. She's been hunting with me a little bit and really doesn't care that much about it but she is interested at times. I'm gonna try and make the peach country and the Semo trials in the next few weeks and I'm trying to talk her into going with me. I think she will if we can find a babysitter!
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    I'v been married 35 yrs. my wife hunted with me untill we had kids and now grandkids. They are her purpose. I've had every kind of hunting dog. She doesn't complain but I know she thinks I spend too much money on them. She helps with puppies and feeds if I'm gone. I consider myself very lucky.
  9. My wife doesn't have much to do with my beagles except when I am gone from home she will feed and water them for me and I am very glad I don't have to worry about them. She will help me any time I ask her to help with puppies or anything like that.:D
  10. my wife has gone with me once. gotta love it, it was a day i was bent on going near the end of season, cold and windy and only about three months after having knee surgery. Hasn't been back since. She loves puppies and will feed and water when i'm not able. I don't think she will ever completely understand how i feel about my dogs though.
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    My wife has no interest in hunting but does love my hounds and will help me take care of them if im gonna be away. I know she doesnt really understand why these hounds are so important to me but always supports my love of them.
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    lucky here, my wife watches and takes care of mine when i'm off at a trail she loves it when the puppies are around.
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    My wife loves the puppies. Dosen't have much to do with them after they get big, but she will check them and feed them if I'm gone. Never complains about me running or hunting and for that I'm thankful! Got here a Great Dane about four years ago. That's her boy! He's a real ham and we live out a ways so he runs free. It's nice cause I don't have to lock my kennels and he keeps an eye on everything. He weighs 185 and can look you in the eye if your sitting in your truck! His favorite game is to see how fast he can put the UPS man back in his truck!
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    wow that's a big dog!!!!
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    Dbound my wife is the same but we don't have a great dane, man i bet he can eat.
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    my wife helps out with the hounds. she loves to go with me to run them. she will hunt with me if it isnt to cold.
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    I feel lucky, as my wife feeds and waters the dogs when I am gone also. She works for a vet so I usually ask her alot of questions. Just picked up a 6 month old pup from the starting pen and he stank like crazy. Gave him a bath in the bath tub and my wife cleaned his ears and checked him out. He is still in the house sleeping under the kitchen table. Wife has been petting on him every night so far. I wander if she will do the same for the other 7 pups? LOL
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    OK beagledog, you are going to have to write a followup on this story to let us know if she does this for the other pups when they come home from the training pen, " IF THEY STINK ". I'll bet she does, except for keeping them in the house. Good story!

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    OK, Will do Roger, LOL. I caught her holding the pup in her lap last night. Not sure what he got into but he was a stinking. Got two more pups headed down to bottom of KY tonight to get them started. To much snow here to try anything.