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Discussion in 'Member's Websites' started by Harp, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. sdixon

    sdixon New Member


    Do you have anything for sale at this time?

  2. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    Nothing for sale at this time
  3. good looking hounds
  4. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the positive comments..just like to run dogs and keep good looking dogs...my young hounds are just better than I could hope for
  5. Hey Ben,

    Glad to see your pedigree page. I think that Betty is out of GypsyXJabbo. Hope they are all doing well. Keep up the good work.
  6. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    David thanks I did make a mistake but the Jabbo bitch is Black Cherry...it is corrected now
  7. good look site and some good lookin hound you got there harp
  8. Cvan

    Cvan New Member

    Hello Ben. I have been trying to see your web site all I get is a blamk blue screen after it loads. any suggestions?
    thanks cvan
  9. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    You just click on the link....and it works...you might have to change your settings on your computer...you could try typing in the url
  10. Briar

    Briar Active Member

    Nice Hounds Ben

    Ben looks like you added a few younguns to your kennel,,nice dogs,,will be breeding Dot tomorrow,,can't wait to get some puppies out of her,,,she is some kinda dog,,me and Richard has been running the hair off them,,,can't wait to get down your way again had a nice time,,,take care

  11. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    What is she being bred to and how are your pups running
  12. Briar

    Briar Active Member

    Ben took a little while to answer did not no which dog I was going to breed her to,,,out of several dogs I picked ( Rock Creek Hot Rod )meet a very nice guy with some really nice hounds,can't wait to go back down there and run with Terry,,super nice guy super nice dog,,,Will probably bred my next female to Ace,,as for my pups they are doing great,,will probably start thinning some out as time goes on,,,thats the part i hate I like um all
  13. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    Wildcat Beagles-Updated- new Blackcreek Male

    Check out my new male Rock Hills Cody
  14. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Nice site Harp :up: good looking pups.

  15. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    I have updated my site and put on the puppy page the last off of Brushfire Jabbo and Wildcat Dark Judy pups born July 27, 2011
  16. Sure like the looks of them. I especially like JJ and Mindy.
  17. :up: those Jabbo Pups are some fine looking hounds........ i wanna come up there and watch them work some time :D
  18. I had the opportunity to run /hunt with the majority of the hounds from the previous mating and they were all above average with a couple being awesome. I have a feeling a lot of us will be missing Jabbo before it is over with.