Wieners on Rabbit

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Echo Hill's, Feb 11, 2010.

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    I just saw in the local paper that the traditional brace club about 15 minutes from my house are hosting several Dachshund on Rabbit trials over the next few weekends. Have any of you ever been to one? They say that most of the handlers are women and they will come from all over the country to participate.

    Now light snow is falling here and I can't help but wonder if theres 3 to 4 inch accumulation, what will the weinies do in that :dontknow:
  2. ya gotta imagine the males will leave an odd track :D

  3. Jeff Gammon

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    My wive raises dachshunds. Dosent fielt trial. When I do bring a dead rabbit home I will take it to their kennel and show it to them. They go nuts. Alot of fun watching them go crazy over a dead rabbit
  4. My dad had a dauchsound that would pound the fur off a bunny... issue was that he never barked... just hauld ars thru the weeds... it was exciting for me... I was roughly 6 or 7... when we would go to "Grandmas" in Illinois i would always take him for a walk in the corn and bean fields so I could watch him run.

    He was pretty quick...
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    I had one as a kid that would run rabbits and deer, he would open on the tack, but from what I have read alot of them won't.