Why??? I dont Get It!

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    My bud bought a nice breed hound from someone who sells hounds quite a bit on another board. When he picked it up it was full of ear mites, way under weight, toe nails like a chicken hawk, very shy like it had never had any human contact, and so on. It is 8 months old and advertised as 6 months. This was the third such case of this type of transaction that I know of within the last 3 months by folks that claim to be big time breeder/handlers. I would like to put pot knots on thier heads! Man it ticks me off to see hounds in that condition! I dont mean to treat them like royalty, but crap, a little food, wormer, frontline and care would go a long way. Why do folks that claim to know what they are doing let thier hounds get like this? All three cases I am thinking of were very well breed hounds from "respectable" breeder/handlers. WTF!!! Glad it was him not me, I would not have paid for the hound and maybe even knocked him square in the mouth for making me drive that far!!!!!
    OK, off my soap box:D
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    I don't care if it is a big time kennel or just a good ole boy kennel people should take the responsibility of caring for their animals seriously. Let's throw being honest in the mix for good measure as well. People that treat animals like that just for money is the reason we all have so much grief from organizations like Peta and such giving all of us a bad name. They don't understand that we feel the same way without trying to pass judgement on all animal owners.


  3. if you cant take care of it...dont have it...i have seen the same thing many times...when i raised and sold rottweilers...i would buy pups occasionally...and could not believe what i saw sometimes!!!!...drove a long ways to see that and drive back with nothing!!...i WONT do it!!!...i have had people drive from a long ways to my place...and tell me about their experiences of looking for pups...and when they got here they would say...FINALLY!!!!
  4. my wife use to raise chows and she won't a male dog and we went to alot of places and come back with nothing but i had people tellme how heathy my pups i don't do it for the money if i did i would be in the poor house