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Who wears chaps?

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I got my chaps in yesterday, and wore them today. I like them alot. I believe they will do good protecting the top of my boots. Also think it will be nice wearing them on those early summer mornings when the dew is heavy, to keep my legs dry
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What kind did you end up getting?

Ive got a pair of Mule chaps that are vented down the back. Money well spent imo. Those things are great and I doubt Ill live long enough to wear em out.
Mine are nite lite only cost about 25 bucks, probally wont last a lifetime but a pretty good bang for the buck
Mine are nite lite only cost about 25 bucks, probally wont last a lifetime but a pretty good bang for the buck
Same here you can't beat that price I wish I'd got them a inch shorter though
FB how much does a pair of mule chaps cost .... and where do you get themat
Mine ended up just right in length. I believe they said order them 2" shorter than your pants

Be sure to measure from your crotch to your ankle bone or they will be too long. Also measure around your thigh at the largest part to get correct fit as baggy is not good . I have worn out a couple pairs of the Mule Chaps but it takes some doing to wear them cause they are tough. I never run without them on if its thick.

I think its www.mulehuntingclothes.com. If thats not the right URL you can probably find it on Google. They were either 40 or 45 dollars.

The lady that you order em from is super nice. She helped me figure out just what size I needed and they fit great.

Theyre alot more money than the chaps but their bibs are really nice too. Theyre pretty warm in the summer months but they protect you all the way up to your neck.

I have yet to have any briar, sticker, or thorn that we have in Arkansas go through em.
wear my chaps when it starts getting warm bibs for the colder times
love my mule chaps wont go in the woods without them. carhart bibs in the winter
When I do work outside in the winter, which is not that often anymore I wear artic lined carhart bibs. Plenty warm for even the worst weather we have around here
"Real hunters wear chaps" Thats a slogan I saw one time in a magazine. I didn't think much of wearing chaps untill I got off the tailgate and started following my dogs to see what they were doing. When buying dogs look for the guy with the tattered chaps. They know what their dogs are doing! I tried several different types of chaps, haven't tried the "mule" chaps yet. Maybe my next choice mine are pretty torn up.
I have a set of Dans Chaps that I purchased this past spring... they are pretty worn and not quite a year old yet... I ordered my Mules today. I have Mule Bibs and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. Trust me... you have to wear a lining or something uder them or you will be chafed!!!

I have used Nit Lites, Dans , Mule, Carhart, and Columbia.... Mule has my vote all the way!!!
Thanks for the kind words about the Mule Chaps. We try to keep the very best products out there for the hunters.

David N. Riley II - Bglenut
Briarcreek Beagles
Madison, Ms

Bglenut.... I an campaigning to be a Mule Clothing poster child...:clap:... I now have the chaps, bibbs, my bomber jacket, and a shirt pants are on the way. TodAY, I hunted in a downpour, my waterproof lined bibbs kept me dry...

There are a cpl posts on here regarding the Mule clothing... I believe the only thing I can see that would be a popular change is the zipper length need to be longer...

Thanks for a great product...

Mr. David, will you be at the deep south runoff in a couple of weeks,cause i seriously need a pair of chaps
The only thing better than buying yoy a pair of good chaps is buying your teenage son a pair.

" Son you ned to get in there and get them dogs "

I believe this will only work on a time limited bases.
MULE chaps were a great investment. I will be purchasing a pair of bibs this fall. The only issue I have with mule is the zippers stick from time to time. The communication was great ordering them. I tell everyone about MULE.
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