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Who is going to try Saturday?

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Just looked at the weather for Saturday. The high is 18, is anybody going to brave it and go hunting. Don't know if I will or not
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i was going to go to a local LP trial.
not sure if they will have it being that cold.
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Im either going to a trial or going hunting.

Road conditions are gonna determine which one it is.
I'm planing on going hunting if weather premit not worried about the cold in it ever day at work
Same here I gotta work in it so I'm dang sure gonna hunt in it.
The weather I'm looking at for Sat. is looking better, high in the low 20's
if the road conditions permit going to a field trail
we will be going to a lp trial not worried about the cold just hope the roads are clean we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tonite
Chris if nobody show's we will go run. then go eat. how does that sound?
that sounds like a plan to me
definentily will be going to hope, lol may need jumper cables to jump start the rabbits though
They cancelled the hunt at Springfield. :down:

6 inches of snow on the ground, high tomorrow in the single digits, and 20 - 30 mph wind gusts.

Bunch of sissies... :hide:

I was just kiddin', they probably did the right thing. A bunch of people had called and said they werent gonna be able to make it and its not feasible for a club to have a hunt when they know theyre only gonna have a few entries.
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