Who is going to run in the snow?

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Jeff Gammon, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Just talked to dad on the phone. He said he saw on the news where Paragould Arkansas may get as much as 9 inches tonight and tommrow. I know this is just a dusting for you guys up north, but I have only ran the dogs I have now in snow once and it wasn't that deep. I guess thay will get broke in right Saturday morning if the weather man is right.:D
  2. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Jeff I hope you just get snow and not that ice we may have. I hoping for only rain myself and I could live without that. If is does snow here I am going.


  3. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I had rather not have any rain or snow, but I guess I will take what He gives me and make the best of it.
  4. I live in Paragould. We were gonna go rabbit hunting Saturday but I guess we will see what happens with the weather. I hope we get the snow and not the ice that their talking about. It's supposed to be in the 20's sat. If that's the case all the snow may be froze solid and the dogs probably wouldn't run very good. I'm hoping it snows good and the temp will be in the 30's, above freezing anyway. That would be a great hunt!
  5. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    If the snow is crusted over I will probally stay at the house
  6. arkyhunter

    arkyhunter New Member

    Wife says we have 8 or 9" already in Corning....and 2-3" more inches before it's over in the morning...don't know if there's any use running in it or not.
  7. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I am not going this morning, had to work anyway
  8. I went my best two are comeing in heat an the ones I took didn't know about that snow
  9. plumber

    plumber Active Member

    Had one good race. Sure was not the best trip out, seemed to have a hard time finding the rabbits.
  10. ninja turtle

    ninja turtle New Member

    I went this morning, not a bark. I have 12 in dogs and 7 inches of snow seemed to bother them. some of you guys may have better luck than i do, but i have never done any good in deep snow with dogs. the place we went looked like the coyotes had hunted it pretty hard last night. :down::down::down:
  11. Crofford

    Crofford New Member

    I hate to hear that ninja turtle,I was hoping you guys would tear em up.Oh well at least you got to go I remember when the snow used to be fun,not so anymore there is nothing good about snow and ice when you work on gas wells:down:
  12. john c

    john c New Member

    wow snow in Arkansas. I never thought that it would snow that much that far south. Its been on the ground here for about 3 months now. Its also been real cold here. Its 12 degrees out as i type this with a wind chill of below zero right now. Gonna take the dogs out in the late morning and hope to run a few.
  13. we got about 3-4 inches here took 4 dogs out this afternoon the dogs ran 3 different rabbits the first two races were a little short but the third rabbit they ran pretty good they ran him 3 good circles before he holed up.
  14. arkyhunter

    arkyhunter New Member

    It's not that unusual, we get a little snow every year most times. And some terrible ice storms.......
  15. Roy Swafford

    Roy Swafford New Member

    Us North guys don't mind the snow if we did we might as well take up a different hobby. Been looking your site over this is very well done. Good luck running, remember a bad day of running is always better then my best day at work.
    Roy Swafford