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Which Stud would you Choose

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Out of the studs that are presently available to the public for breeding purposes,which one would you chose to breed your best female to?

I will start off and I do not own him!

FC Midnight Hawk

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well there is a ton of them out there, but there is a some i would like to see run.
i ve got a jd grandson that just made champion that i really like
I would really like to see Jeff Williams Rebar dog run. I have heard great things about this blackcreek male, If he is everything I have heard I would like to breed one to him

Most folks do not know, that Rebar and Rejects sire is still alive and well here about 10 miles from me. He is a heck of a rabbit hound and will tell on anything messing with off game. Big Boy Bud is owned by Clint Littleton in Downsville ,La and he a member of our beagle club( North La BC). Not to take away from the sons but i would go to the factory! JMHO

For the style dog that I run I like FC Sam's Hustling Otis. He's a Little Nip Otis son and Ive bred to him several times now and always end up getting pretty nice pups.

FC Cranks's Chicken

FC Star R Haymaker

FC Clear Cut Gomer

are three more that come to mind but there are others.

If I ran big dogs Id breed to Russell Creek Grimreaper.

For Blackcreek Id also say Rebar just because Ive seen him run 6 or 8 times and he's the same every time you put him down. I didnt know their sire was still alive. Is he a FC or was he ever trialed?
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Hagan's Big Boy Bud has been down here for several years and has not been bred to much. He is a real deal rabbit running son of a gun. Won't follow anything on off game and will come straight to you to let you know, something stinks.

Don't think he was trialed much before Wayne Martin got him from Jimmy Hagan and he gave him to Clint Littleton. Clint doesn't trial but will rabbit hunt everyday when he isn't pipe lining. Clint told me the other day that BB will die at his place because he had been so dependable in some bad deer woods and would keep everything on rabbits.


Kinda hard to tell as he was in a pack of senior citizens the other day. They were running a cottontail in our pen and they tend to twist and turn really bad. They did a good job for at least 2 hours and BB looked to be a solid medium speed even at his age. Clint says he was upper medium in his prime, with alot of hunt. He has a big ole heavy chop mouth.

Jimmy Hagan,John Gentle and I ran BB's mother( FC Hagan's Buddy Beater) once at Rev Stevenson pen before Cottonland's trial and she was an awesome female.

Unless I change my mind, I plan to breed my Midnight Hawk female to him. I like them black houndie looking beagles with big heavy mouths and they should give me that.

I appreciate the information. Im brand new to these Blackcreeks but I like just about everything Ive seen from em so far except that Id like just a little bit more foot speed.

I just hope I dont have to go through as many of them as I did my other dogs to get something close to what I want.
Freddie, I believe there are some blackcreek hounds with a little more foot, James can probally tell you more about them as he lives in the heart of blackcreek country. As I understand it some of the trial dogs have a little more pop. Midnight Hawk, as well as some of the Cotton Country stuff owned by Wayne Martin down in Mississippi. I dont know for sure just repeating what I have heard. These dogs have compeated and excelled in AKC SPO trials, but you know more about those trials than I do, as you went to one today and I have never have went to one at all. You may want to look at some of the pups out of the field trial stuff
You guys need to come to our trial in a couple weeks. There will quite a few different families of Blackcreeks that will be there along with alot of half Blackcreeks that will move some rabbits. Sometimes not as pretty as one would want but still get alot accomplished in a rabbit race! I believe our judges panels will clean it up but I bet the winners packs will run at least in a 6 - 7 speed range normally on good scent days.

Also several of these so called field trial hounds are also these guy's hunting, pleasure and 2 couple pack members.


I went back and looked at your post earlier and thought I would add a little. Foot speed is very easy to add to some of our so called Blackcreeks but can very hard to take back after it is there. I believe, as my friend Troy Barber says, what we call Blackcreeks really are not Blackcreeks but lines that were bred off the original Blackcreeks of Mr John Landrum, Malclom Pearson and others in Southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi.

These ideas hold true for the Stubby line, Buzz Bombs and so many others that are presently the rage across the country. Our Blackcreeks could also be called Pearson Creek, Skullfork or several other names as the old blood is so diluted. I don't care how many times Del Ray Stubby is in a 9 generation pedigree, that alone doesn't make it Stubby if ya'll understand my point.

Blackcreek still sounds good, doesn't it! Stubby Double Duece ?????? I don't know about that:headscratch:
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a little more pop
Thats what I was trying to say in my previous post but couldnt figure out exactly how to say it. A little more foot, but also that "little more pop" that will kinda make em stand out in a crowd. Just enough to let them get the front (and hold it) every now and then. I dont want a dog that has to have the front but I like one that wants to be there and knows what to do when it does as long as it gets there the "right" way.

I understand what your saying about the different lines too and I even do it myself.
Murphy glad ta see ya still kicken down there. Hope all is well with ya I`m still runnen these so called BC hounds up here in Ark. WEnt ta Cotton land other day & Took another first place. Thanks for the info, i ran with Rebar ,, he would fer sure be a gooden ta breed to, Rob`s BC Double Duce LOL , I tried to breed to FC Bruchfire Driver but had no luck , then he died a couple wks later. Tryen ta stick with the Ban-jo stuff as much as possible . Thats what Hawk goes back to also. James ya comen ta Cotton land Feb 20 th ,be good ta see ya, got litter pups out of Lady dog, but lost most of em. Boys Mr James has a head full of knolodge on hounds BC & others
I think this is a great post also. I enjoy talking about pedigrees, bloodlines, breeding, etc.

Before I started getting registered dogs a few years ago I wouldnt have given a nickel for a pedigree and couldnt have gotten one if I had wanted to. I just wanted a dog that would run rabbits. Id buy a dog or pup from somebody and they might say the male you bought was out of Molly and she was out of Blue and Angel and they were out of so and so but that was about as far as it would go. It sure didnt mean they werent rabbit dogs, it just meant you couldnt really trace their ancestors the way you can with a pedigree.

You mentioned Stubby and Buzzbomb earlier. They were both born in the mid to late seventies but you can still buy "Stubby" and "Buzzbomb" pups today.

I know theyre saying linebred but just for conversation, when do yall consider a dog linebred?

Most of my dogs have Postoak Little Nip Otis in their pedigree but I dont have a single dog that is straight out of him. What I usually consider linebred is when that dog is in the pedigree at least one time on the top and bottom of the pedigree. But using that as a guage, you could call an "Otis" dog a linebred Inline Black Jack (Otis' sire) or it might even be more appropriate to call em linebred Rob's Diamond since he's Otis' grandsire top and bottom.

It can get pretty confusing sometimes. :pullhair:

Another question is when do you consider a line of dogs "your line"?
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thats a good ? Freddie different folks has different out looks on it. Me i just breed what has been worken fer me. James ,you & Lane get that trial all planed out give me call & dont kill to many rabbits taday
Troy Barber can tell ya more bout the BC as good as any one i`ve sat down & talked with . He even came breed ta Stubby Double Duce LOL

I think you got it figured out! To me that is what you are talking about when you breed towards a specific individual and can repeat breedings from descendant of that hound, horse or whatever. Inbreeding to me tends to be sister to brother, Son to Mother, Halfmate to Halfmate etc. I personally care nothing about in bred anything as there are too many wicked factors that can appear. If you don't outcross you will lose your hybrid vigor and have a bunch of clones that will satisfy very few breeders. I am in no way an expert on genetics but my dad taught us alot about what not to do in the way he bred his foxhounds. You would never see him in breed but he continued to line breed with a particular bloodline.

Also where can I get a couple Chapman's Buzzbomb pups prefer females off different moms as long as Buzz Bomb is their sire. LOL

We didn't try to kill any rabbits but Lane's big males( field trial stuff can you believe it) ran a cottontail till they locked him up and caught him. Steady pressure and medium plus speed will do that to one if he doesn't look out. We ran three different packs pretty much all day and some ran very well and some so-so.

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