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Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Rockdog, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Rockdog

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    Hi all. I am the proud new owner of this 9 mo old male. He is Chop A Line bred. Chop A Line Joey (father) and Chop A Line Shabby (mother). I want to get him started running soon,but don't really know how to go about it. First beagle of my own. I live on 18 acres here of my own. Mostly weed / goldenrod field complete with resident rabbits. Any sugestions for getting off on the right foot? Thanks,Rockdog.
  2. ninja turtle

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    hey rockdog, that sure is a pretty dog. if you have the chance to run him with an experienced dog, i would do that some, if not just take him out as much as you can. If he has it in him he will start.

  3. ChrisHornick

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    Nice looking hound. I would just walk him where he is likely to run into a rabbit. You could box trap a bunny to let him get a good scent and a look but don't do this too often, you want him to use his nose not his eyes. Its bred in em so all you have to do is let it come out. Have heard alot of good about the Chop-a line dogs.
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    You might try taking him out at night when you can see a rabbit with a flash light. Take him to the spot where you saw the rabbit and let him smell around. After a while of this the light bulb will probally turn on. The other advice is also good
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    Thanks for all the good input guys. I would love to run him with a proven older hound. Kinda show him the ropes so to speak. I may have to try the after dark thing. We have rabbits poking around the lane after hours. It would be fun to see what his reaction would be to it. Good I hope! I can't wait till next fall. I haven't been bunny hunting for a good long time. I miss it.
  6. I would just work him on scent trails and then like hornick said just take him and walk him, I had a pup turned out to be my best dog yet that i didnt have a chance to run with an older dog but I took her and tried jumping rabbits in front of her. she turned out great. Gotta hunt a dog to have a dog. but if its in him he'll be going in no time. sure is a pretty hound!
  7. First... y gotta get an embroidered beagle hat!!! :thumb: (lol)

    Not sure of where in PA you are... but there are a few beaglers that we have had the pleasure of talking with that I am sure would love to help you get him started.

    But as for now like everybody has stated... just take him to where he can sight chase a few... he will lose it... and instinct will tell him to use that nose. That will get him started... but all of the other things that needs to be learned is best taught by a seasoned hound.

    I have learned the value of matching hounds... make sure that you put him down with hounds that are equal if not a little less in speed at first. Otherwise he will get stressed, pick up bad habbits that will be extremely hard to reverse. Once he gets going you will be able to tell what his speed is and you can move on to faster mentors if need be.

    I am new at all this as well... have a great teacher... all these boys here have been doing this for MANY years... great source of info... do not be afraid to ask...
  8. I alwasy start by killing one , remove the insides , and drag it for the pup , when threw let him have his way with it .
  9. Rockdog

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    Thanks beagleman01. He is a handsome fella. I fell in love with him right off.
  10. nice looking hound I hope he make you a good'in