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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Robert L. Dunn, May 31, 2020.

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  1. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Well-Known Member

    The thread on riots??? I sat on my computer for an hour typing my take on the situation. I tried a bi-partisant post neither siding with those who were in heavy debate. I guess I wasted my time. I think those kinds of post are healthy since it provides an opportunity for one to see and hear how the other side feels. I realize there was a lot of anger in some of the responses. Just my thinking but I believe that it is good for people to be able to vent their emotions. It is better than doing it out in the streets where violence may erupt.

    Erase this one and it will be "so long" for me.
  2. Brandon

    Brandon Well-Known Member

    I think will may have got rid of it to save on the arguing mr Dunn

  3. Bowguy 1

    Bowguy 1 Well-Known Member

    I saw it and it was well thought and and completely respectful to all sides. A minute later was gone.
    These other guys sleep too much to see it!!
  4. Addi

    Addi Well-Known Member

    Sad, News outlets are no longer News. They are nothing more than propaganda outlets mostly for the Left.
    The things that made the nation strong and peaceful, Christianity and American History, have been attacked relentlessly since the 60s.
    Instead of America being a melting pot for all races, its becoming many different factions where hate mongers continuously pit one against the other. They make thugs into heroes and heroes are branded as traitors.
    Everybody knows Al Sharpton. He became famous for promoting Tawana Brawley. The Propaganda Media has used him to spread distrust and hate for decades.
    Who knows Ben Watson or Burgess Owens?
  5. Jared Levi

    Jared Levi Well-Known Member

    As much as I agree about the riots post staying up . I get why it’s gone . Some people just keep digging and digging . Just to stoke the fire . History is history. I encourage everyone on here to make friends and like people for who they are. Political views are a huge dividing factor in this country that’s what got us to this point. Before politics were put under a magnifying glass the country was melting together. However, I don’t support violence but it’s a beautiful thing to see blacks and whites fighting and protesting together. It’s beautiful!!! It’s the silver lining to all this . If we all just be open minded and be friends peace will come once again .
  6. will messer

    will messer SUPER MODERATOR Staff Member

    I deleted it---when it comes to name calling and one accusing racist agenda along with political agenda. A warning was given AND IGNORED~ if it happens again I will delete the thread again along with the perpetrators
  7. Gene Williams

    Gene Williams Active Member

    It’s A Beautiful Thing To See Whites And Blacks Fighting Together ?
    It’s Beautiful ??
    Maybe In The Vietnam War But Not Here In The USA !
    Beautiful ??
    Tell That To The Business Man That Just Lost Everything, Explain To Your Children How This Is Beautiful !!
    This Is Sad !
    This is Sick !
    This is Wrong !
    That’s My Description !!!
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  8. AJ Johnson

    AJ Johnson Well-Known Member

    I was quiet on this subject, even though I was a victim of police brutality years ago. I don't agree with destroying a city, but I also don't agree with the injustice. I have to watch the police chief of Chattanooga, TN sit on television and talk about how his officers can hit the door if they wanna act like that, but in fact he was one of the 10 officers that jumped me (thinking I was someone else). Point being that there is still a lot of racism and resentment in this world, and if we can turn these forums into a place where we can be open to what othersmay believe then maybe we can help each other understand one another better. Gene and Addi, I feel like you two are trying to keep the flame lit. I'm not attacking you as Rice was fired up as well. I feel that if you make a statement, then at least explain why you feel so strongly about it. That way we can get a proper response from each other. JMO! And everyone on here knows that I am in no way shape or form a trouble starter. If anyone gets real offended, send a private message and let the other person know why they offended you. That way we can keep the forum at peace. God Bless you all.
  9. jeffro

    jeffro Well-Known Member

    I haven’t said a word about this as it is typical of what goes on this subject.No body here condones what went on in Minneapolis.It is as bad a piece of judgement as a person could of used in the situation that officer was in.If the man was resisting arrest for wrongdoing then use whatever means necessary to control the man.When the man is under control the situation is to deescalate and this jackass did not do as he was trained.It cost a man his life.Its horrible.That man and that man alone is responsible for his actions not every cop in America.We are all responsible for our actions whether it be on a public forum or staging a protest against what we believe is wrong.When you make comments behind a keyboard sometimes it is hard to really convey contex and meaning.Some guys are better at it than others.I tend to not be but if you will ask for my number i will try to explain in the best way that i can.That dont mean we will agree and that is okay.I will respect your opinion and we will move on.I think that is all that went on here last night on both parts.
    At what time is it racist or offensive to refer to African Americans if you are white And it is perfectly okay to if you are African American to call people clansman and good ole boys.Careful where you are on that as racism is a two way street in the real world and is only a one way on CNN and whatever other liberal network you turn on as they choose to use this dynamic to be devisive and controlling inciting hate and unrest all in the name of ratings and of course political agenda.I was taught as a child to judge every man by his own actions and by who he is not what color he is and i hope that i have never done any thing but that.That jackass that killed this man was a cop and should be judged for his actions as a cop and not as a WHITE cop.The act would have been just as wrong if it was done by a black cop and stuff like this has happened as more whites are killed every year by cops than blacks.It is just not as good for the ratings on CNN.JMO for what it is worth
  10. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Well-Known Member

    AJ: A very logical and truthful response. How will we ever find common ground if we don't open our eyes and hearts and look. So just for me, I think I am gonna take a LOA.
  11. Addi

    Addi Well-Known Member

    Couple examples, why I feel the way I do.
    In 1967 I was in the Navy stationed in Charleston, SC. I owned a 63 Chevy Convertible. I went to the movie one evening, parked my car, and went into the theater. When the movie was over I came out got into my car and it wouldn't turn over.
    There was a group of ten to fifteen black teenagers hanging around at the theater entrance. One came over and asked my problem. I explained what happened. He said, there is a service station about two blocks down the street. He called his friends, "Hey guys come here and give this guy some help. They got around my car and pushed me at least two blocks to the service station. I offered to pay them and they refused payment. They said they were just hanging out and were glad to help.

    When I went aboard the USS Lafayette, it was making its third patrol, out of Construction. Most of the Missile Tech Crew had been on the boat since Construction. They old crew were very clanish toward New Shipmates. We got the dirty work. There was a black sailor, Missile Tech 2nd class, Ronald Addison, from Baltimore Maryland, who came aboard with me. He was sharp and a good worker. We occasionally went into town together. I caught some criticism for that from a guy from Ohio. Ron was a good shipmate!
    We became very good friends and we worked well together. He left the boat a couple of patrols before I was discharged. About forty years later, while checking out the USS Lafayette website, I noticed that Ron had added his email address. I immediately sent him a message to check on his life after the Navy. He responded, "I can't think of anyone I would rather have heard from". He had spent several years in the Baltimore Fire Dept.
    While we were on patrol we would discuss politics, but I could never convince him to vote for Goldwater instead of LBJ. ;) After we made a couple of patrols, each patrol was 56 days under water, we had heard each others life story several times.
    I bet if I met him today we would still be friends. I sure hope he has enjoyed the good life and health as I.

    There was another shipmate, Marvin P., who was from New York state. One weekend, he gave Ron a ride home to Baltimore as he was making the trip home. That was during the riots of the late 60's. As he dropped Ron off at his home late in the night, Ron told him,when you get into your car ,lock the doors, and don't stop for anything until you reach the interstate.

    We will get over this and hopefully we will all still be friends.

    Interesting about the term "racist". I was accused of being a racist at my first duty station, just out of boot camp, by two sailors from Illinois and Iowa, simply because I was from the state of Louisiana. They knew nothing about me. Then two years later I was accused of being the opposite, based on my behavier, by a sailor from Ohio. :confused:
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  12. Stutz

    Stutz Well-Known Member

    What Addi wrote is not unusual. You really notice it outside the continental US -- that sense of individual worth and community. Sometimes I think everyone, especially young folks, should be required to serve in the military in some form. It's the great leveler: help is given but respect, merit and success is earned. Not perfect, but sure seems a lot more sane at times than life today.
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    TJRANGER Super Moderator Staff Member

    We are all created equal, black, white, or whatever color your skin is doesn’t matter to Our Creator so why should it matter to us. No one is better than the next but our actions are a different thing altogether and they DO matter. When WE AS GODS PEOPLE allowed our government and courts to take God out of everything and the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, and allow abortion( murder of the innocent) we are ALL guilty. We should ALL be praying for Gods forgiveness and for Him to heal our( actually His) land. Read 2Chronicles 14
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  14. AJ Johnson

    AJ Johnson Well-Known Member

    Well spoken TJ
  15. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    If my people whom are called by my name would turn from there wicked ways and return unto me. A message from our father we must repent of these goings on and turn back to the one creator of us all, I mean something is really wrong when abortion is ok and it's not alright to come together in the house of God. This country was founded on the living word, now it has completely turned it back on the only true living God, return in prayer and supplication I will heal your lands.
  16. Jabshier1

    Jabshier1 Well-Known Member

    They came to my lovely city of Pittsburgh yesterday evening started out a peaceful protest , later turned into a Riot been hearing Antifa showed up causing a bunch of problems breaking in stores , defacing statues , set police car on fire , they were even beating at police officer’s horse swatting and throwing stuff at horse’s face while cop was just trying to get out of the way (4 police officers were put in hospital) we didn’t even have anything to do with Minneapolis police! .... George Floyd was handled wrong ! Yes ! Cop with his knee in neck that was way way overboard ! Sure George Floyd wasn’t complying what cop told him to do , but to kill the man ? No that ain’t right .... we have police brutality problem in America it’s a very serious problem among police officers they need better training and get rid of “problem” officers ...

    Edit* I don’t have a problem with protesting ! That’s your freedom and your rights to protest feel free , what I do have a problem with is “outsiders” like Antifa coming to my city and damaging property and looting and stuff ... I pay Taxes to city ! They don’t ! That’s a damn shame to do to something like that
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  17. Jared Levi

    Jared Levi Well-Known Member

    You can’t take two words in a paragraph and make it sound like my whole paragraph was about riots and smashing business??? Your a pot stirrer bub. I said black and whites fighting together “for the cause” when did I say it was beautiful to destroy a business? Straighten yourself out . Tunnel vision quick to point a finger gets you nowhere.
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  18. thefoxes85@hotmail.com

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Thank you Mr. Messer for doing that- he wanted to gain knowledge of Beagles and a question was never asked on his part. Good job Mr. Messer. I thought the members handled themselves well considered the circumstances, and you jumped in at the right time.
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