Where are you from and hows your rabbit hunting.

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  1. Title says it all. What state do you hail from and how would you say your rabbit hunting is? Do you have a good rabbit population and easy land access to it? Im from Missouri-south central. I only have access to public land and there is enough around me to do alright. I would say Ive have a fair rabbit population, not gonna try and kill a tailgate load but I can always find acouple to run.
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    From Western Maryland and the Rabbit population here is as bad as I have seen it in 60+ years. A lot of the Private land is leased for Dear hunting-public land is over run with Fox.Coyote , Hawks etc.
    I have as good a pack (4) that have had in the last 20 years and in a 3-4 hr hunt I am lucky to jump 2-3 rabbits.
    From what I hear Md is pretty much like that everywhere with the exception of the Eastern Shore.
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  3. Beagler282

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    Down in the planted pines state of Jawga. Season is good and rabbits are plentiful on the places I have to run. As long as we have these areas replanting the pines after they've been harvested we should always have some good running grounds. Got a WMA across the street from me that has real good running grounds. They cut and replant every year.
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    western West Virginia, rabbits more plentiful than last year, but nowhere near the numbers present in my youth. Rarely find an area where you can spot lots of droppings or cuttings on briers. Best day this season was 5 rabbits shot in 4 hours hunting. An average day might be one rabbit ran per hour. Hunt a lot of WMA land, lots of clearcuts and brush as well as coyotes.
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    I'm from the NJ/NY state line area. Hunt both states and though things do fluctuate they're getting better.
    This pic was on a powerline behind my house, the rabbits were under 2 hours hunting. Was a great day. Earlier that morn we pheasant hunted my old bird dog.
    Unbelievably both dogs involved in this harvest died within a week of each other and about a month after the photo. Pic is my buddies son and a retired dog I'd thought. Took him out for a walk to show my buddies an area. By himself he ran and jumped those bunnies.
    We never shoot out a place and normally do ok

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  6. Upstate n.y.607 area code hunting been good seeing above normal sign if population of rabbits

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    Here in Oklahoma where I run rabbits are easy to jump and run half the time I jump a couple while following the dogs. I'm fortunate that fur prices are the way they are and the trappers keep the bobcats at bay and the farmers around the public land keep the coyotes down.
  8. doublerrbeagles

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    here I east central Indiana when able to hunt do to weather has been good ..I would say average ..if you can find briars we usually run some rabbit
  9. Culverbeagles

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    Illinois here 618 area code Bout average haven’t been out for couple weeks been to cold and having to work
    Amazing how work gets in the way of a mans hobby lol
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    East MS...good rabbit hunting most of the year. Decent public land not too far from the house if I can't find anywhere else to turn loose. In another couple weeks deer season ends and the top notch places to hunt will be near endless. We'll get picky at that point and try to hunt mostly swampers!
  11. north carolina on coast lot of swamps an water few both cotton tail an swampers run one go home run again tomorro just shoot one if have new pups in race
  12. Farmer

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    Central Maryland. Rabbit population has been very good last 2 years which is unbelievable considering the number of fox and now coyotes.
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  14. Jaybo

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    I’m in north central NC. There are few rabbits to find on state land. The population is very spotty it seems. Back twenty years ago you could come up here and run all the rabbits you want. They don’t replant the pines the way they use to it’s seems. Lot of tree thinning. And if they clear cut a spot, it just comes back as whatever instead of replanting pines like they use to. Always a few more around on my place in the spring and summer.
  15. Plenty of rabbits here in central ky. Usually doesn't take over 10 minutes to get one up and running. Local WMA is set aside for dog training (no hunting allowed) which gives me over 2000 acres to run on and is loaded with rabbits. Private land is getting harder to find due to deer hunters and subdivisions but we make due with what we've got.
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    South central Ms! All Private land where we do the majority of our hunting! Rabbit numbers are up! Like Kstring stated,... Deer season will end here in a couple of weeks! This is when the Swampers better beware! We will have tons of Swamp bottom hunting open up!

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  17. West Tn. The rabbits seem to be thick in places and scarce in others. Last day of Juvenile hunt tomorrow ,then deer season is over and like Materjuice said "Swampers
    better beware.
  18. Central Oklahoma has a decent population this year. I run on public land and always find good races.
  19. North central NC. Dogs jumping average number of rabbits, scenting conditions have been tough since the arctic cold set in. Rabbits holing up quick and short races when they lose it. Was running great before the cold, hope it gets back that way.
  20. SC here we hunt alot of planted pines.
    Population is average for the land we hunt.
    Our problem is it may take us 1-3 hours to kill rabbit as the planted pines have such thick undergrowth so rabbit almost has to run over your feet.
    Last year we had our longest run of 4 hours and 8 min before we killed rabbit.
    Past sat we ended up with 4 and 2 of them outsmarted the dogs.