When does your obligation as a breeder end?

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    I might not have worded that just right but here's what just happened to me and I want to hear what yall think about it or what yall would do.

    I had a male pup for sale out of a litter that is a little over 5 months old now. A lady and her husband came and looked at him and bought him. I didnt hear anything from em till two weeks ago when I got an email saying that he had "some extra skin" around his neck and that they didnt like his tail. She sent me some pictures but I couldnt really tell anything from them.

    They brought the pup back to me yesterday and the guy also said that he didnt want him because he didnt want to go with his older dogs and all he wanted to do was to play.

    :headscratch: He's 5 months old!

    Now I know some people start dogs that early and Im the world's worst at giving up on a dog too soon but even I give em more of a chance than that. I also think the "extra" skin is just because he's still growing.

    I told em Id replace the pup as soon as I had another litter but that my next one isnt due for close to two months since I just bred her last week and then it would be 7 or 8 weeks after that before theyd be ready to go.

    He didnt act like he liked that idea too much but other than give him his money back what should I do?

    I called around to a couple of guys trying to find a pup that I could trade this one for or maybe even trade it for one from a future litter but I havent had any luck.

    I want to make it right with em and I want em to be happy but looking at it from my side its alot easier to sell a little pup than it is a 5 or 6 month old unstarted pup.

    I dont have any problem at all with giving a full refund if someone buys a pup and something is wrong with it at that time but am I supposed to buy one back 3 1/2 months later if the pup is healthy but they dont like the way it looks or that it wont run with the other dogs at 5 months old?

    I just thought this might be a good topic to bring up on here and get some input on.

    What do you think about it? What would you do?
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    Did you guarantee the pup in any way? If not your under no obligation. You'll probably lose that customer but you don't want those kind of customers anyway do you?

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    i agree 100%, guarantee heath on puppies is it once they leave the house its thiers
  4. You are being alot nicer than I would be.....After afew weeks I can see them calling and saying they are not happy...And as for as not going with his old dogs some dogs take longer to start ,than other. I don't see that is the breeder problem
  5. i agree with everyone else i dont think your under any obligation to give them their money back 3 1/2 months later just because he didnt go with his older dog at only 5 months old
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    Everyone is correct on this post. If you didn't stipulate any guarantee the puppy the sale should be final. Since he has dogs he knows better and it sounds like they are trying to get over on you and not just naive. If he didn't have hounds he may not know any better but he does and he is trying to take advantage of you. This is what it sounds like to me. There are some people you don't need to do business with.

    FB you are a Hunter not a Dog Jockey but in this case it sounds like you need to be a dog jockey. Just my thoughts.

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    It's their dog. You don't know how the dog's been treated, what it's been exposed to, how it was handled on those so called hunts. They might have blasted a 12 ga over it's head or any number of things. If you didn't make any guarantees, it's their dog. I commend you for wanting to do the right thing, but I think your dealing with someone who knows better.
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    Hey Fb post a pic of the pup, would like to see what they are calling loose skin. :headscratch: They bought a hunting bred hound, not a akc show stopper. I would tell them just like you did, when I have another litter, you can take a puppy of your choice, and then at that moment I would say never call me again and thanks.:up: Oh and as far as the tail, tell them to give it the blackcreek look. :clap:
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    How could they possibly think they could return anything after they saw the pup and liked him enough to pay and leave with it. Wal-Mart doesn't even have that kind of return policy! You owe them nothing in my opinion.....

  10. I know u always want to make right with someone but in this case this guy went this long before you heard from him and there was NOTHING wrong with this pup, he just decided he "didn't want him anymore". If you had some pups now and just didn't want any hard feelings, u might could trade him I guess but it is no way your problem that this guy just decided he didn't like him anymore. In this situation right now, u don't have any pups and it's nothing that u did wrong, I would try to tell this guy in the nicest way possible that I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do and if it was something u did wrong u would gladly replace it. I know it's hard to do but why would he expect u to replace this pup after this long because he didn't like it anymore. That's crazy! In this particular situation, if he's dumb enough to expect u to replace it, I would tell him I'm sorry and maybe explain why if he doesn't understand. If it turned into hard feelings I would ask him if this situation was turned around what would he do!
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    I guess we pretty much see it the same way.

    Im not sure what they expect but if I buy a puppy all I expect is for the papers to be right and the pup to be healthy and in good shape when I pick it up. Once I leave with it, its mine unless there's something physically wrong with the pup. There are too many communicable diseases a dog can get once it leaves to expect someone to guarantee much more than that imo and how in the world someone thinks you can guarantee color, etc. or that theyll run rabbits at 5 months old is beyond me.

    She sent me the pictures in a text and I guess I deleted it cause I cant find em. Ill try to take some in the next day or two. He does have a fold of skin under his neck that Ive never noticed on a pup before but surely itll tighten up and go away as he gets older and grows some more.

    I dont know if they really realize what they really had with him. His sire is a FC out of Little Nip Otis top and bottom which also gives him two crosses of Inline Blackjack and his dam is out of FC Little River Dalerock so he's got 5 or 6 crosses of Rob's Diamond in him plus 2 crosses of Elm Street Cody. For the style of dog I like it dont get a whole lot better than that at least on paper. I cant imagine that he wont make a pretty solid rabbit dog if not a trial dog.

    Heck, I think Ill just keep him myself now and get him started and see what he'll do. I dont keep many males which is why I sold him in the first place but this might turn out to be a good thing if I end up liking him.
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    I hope that pup turns out to be a hall of famer for you. And if I saw that guy pull up in my driveway again I wouldn't even sell him a pic of a dog.
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    A lot of people for some reason think they get a life time warranty when they buy a pup. Probably in this case the new had wore off and they just didn't won't a pup any more. One way a person could deal with problems like this is tell this buyer or any buyer in the future of a pup that refunds from you will only be two thirds of purchase price, or half or what ever way you want to do it.
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    Here are a couple of pictures of him. He does have what looks like a little bit of extra skin but Im sure he'll grow into it.

    Ive been pretty lucky so far because this is the only time Ive had anyone want to bring one back because of its looks or that it wouldnt hunt/pack. The looks I have no control over and the hunt/packing part is WAY too early to tell on a 5 month old pup.