Whats the farthest youve ever traveled to buy/sell a dog?

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by FB, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. FB

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    Just curious to see some of the answers on this one.
  2. Echo Hill's

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    11 hours or roughly 680 miles 1 way and culled both after getting them home. What was I thinking, as I left 1 up there that was way better than either of them :banghead:


  3. beagleman01

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    lol did the same thing drove all the way to knoxville tn 12 1/2 hrs picked up 2 and keep them less than 6 months sold one and traded one
  4. I did that this year, made me sick too. Glad I only drove an hour there. Made two trips though, and neither of the dogs were worth the gas! So my answer is 60 miles.
  5. Jeff Gammon

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    About 8 hours, seems like the dogs you want are always somewhere you aint. I drove from northeast Arkansas to near James Murphys house.
  6. BRamsey

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    30 miles for me. Man that had to be very disapointing for you James. And that must have turned out to be a pretty expensive dog. I guess thats just the chances we take sometimes.
  7. Echo Hill's

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    Really wasn't a case of being messed over by the previous owner because the hounds were both young females off In-Line Black Jack and the owner had just started them. I watched them run prior to striking the deal in a terrain that was completely different than down here and they never adapted to thick cover and water like we have. I seen lots of hounds brought down here from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio etc that never seem to run the same as they do up there. One of the young males RKW saw run this week came from Dyersburg, Tennessee and we drove close to 400 miles to get him. Wish I could go get another one like him tomorrow.

  8. RKW

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    Fordyce, Arkansas to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to buy. Once I sent my Gr. Nt. Female from Little Rock, Arkansas to Providence, Rhode Island to be bred to that year's World Champion Coon dog by air.

  9. I went 40 miles for some [A1] beagles one wouldn't run at all the other one run as long as the other dogs was hot on the rabbit make a loose and she would be back
  10. Owl Creek

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  11. FB

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    My round trip was a little over 1400 miles and I just did it last week.

    I went from Cabot, Arkansas (near Little Rock) to Montgomery, Alabama where I met a guy and sold him a Blackcreek female. From there I went to Atlanta and made a pit stop at the Bass Pro Shop and Sonny's BBQ, then drove through Augusta to Beech Island, South Carolina and picked up the dog.

    I drove straight out there and straight back. The trip took me about 30 hours but not all of it was driving.

    Thats way further than Ive ever gone before and I doubt Ill ever do it again. I already had two females from a litter and this guy had the third. Theyre a Hossbreeze/Otis cross that I really like and I wanted this female pretty bad.

    I actually tried to buy her when she was still in Arkansas but when I called the guy to tell him that Id take her, he'd already sold her to the people in SC. The guy in SC sold all his dogs a few weeks ago so I finally got the chance to get her. It took me almost 3 years but she's mine now. :thumb:

    The furthest before that was about 4 hours. I bought a pup just north of Jackson, Tennessee.
  12. dbounds

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    In my younger years there were two things I was interested in. Girls and beagles. Had been wanting a dog from a guy in Mo. Had a date Saturday night with a looker. The guy called and said if I could be there Saturday, the dog was mine. Got up that morning drove five hours up there and five hours back. Went on my date dead on my feet. Culled the dog and the girl!
  13. my wife and i just got back home 1072 miles round trip to pick up a dog i hope he works out
  14. 750 miles to Paragould Arkansas.
  15. Jeff Gammon

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    Bobby, I think I know the trip you are talking about
  16. 13.5 hours (One Way)... from Springdale Arkansas to Albany Ohio, Have made this trip twice. Dec 2006 to pick yup two males and this past October to pick up a female. Thanks to the hard work of dbounds the males were worth the trip... now its up to me to make sure the female was :thumb:.
  17. bglehound

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    6 1/2 hours one way for two gyps , both were culled about three months later.
  18. samsam

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    getting so long drives are the norm

    Two weeks ago I went from Mi to Ky to get one and I ended up leaving her there to get conditioned, so have to go back next month. Next weekend I am driving 700 miles each way to Ny to buy one. Last year I drove to Tn to buy and back later in the year to sell them back. Been from Mi to La and Mi to Tx and Mi to Mo to buy some so I guess I am a traveling man. No distance too far to get the next dog that I don't really need. Only good thing is gas isn't $4 right now.
  19. 14 and a half hours one way from upstate new York to the middle of Indiana to pick up 2 8 month old pups