Whats it gonna take to get yall to post?

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by FB, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member


    Free dog food?

    Start talkin' bad about Blackcreeks, Brankos, the Cowboys or what? :idea:
  2. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    could i get money and dog food....LOL
    I think all the boards are slow right now.

    i got a couple new knives this weekend.
    both are Case
    i bought a slimline 0ne blade trapper.
    and the kids come up from AR.
    and gave me a super nice Case Masonic knife.
    always wanted one of them too.

  3. I'll take you up on that free dog food. I use diamond in the green bag. :D
  4. im a trying! with my limited knowledge i get lost kinda easy. i will post as often as i can but yall be patient with me!

    But hey I could use some of that free dog food your offerin! LOL :up:
  5. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Feed Cost

    FB, I'm new on this site but the dog food deal sounds great to me!:clap: Black Gold is what I feed.:up: What kind of prices are ya'll paying for Black Gold or Diamond if you use it? I bought a sack of Black Gold yesterday and it was 29.02 with tax.:down:

  6. woodhippy

    woodhippy Member

    Thats a little higher than I pay for it $26.25 but its worth every penny.
  7. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Black Gold is just under $26 at the feed store here. Ive been feedin' it for awhile now and am pretty happy with it.

    I fed Hi Pro for a long time then Purina quit making it for some reason. I was already a little perturbed at them anyway for cuttin' the size of the bags but keeping the cost the same on Puppy and Dog Chow. Wonder who they thought they were foolin'?