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    Guys, i have a 1 year old female I have been working 2 months. She slots well with the pack and gets alot of the tough checks. She holds the line extremely well. Better than most dogs. She is step by step on the rabbit. She is very patient. The problem I am haveing is this : When I solo her forward progress is very slow. When I run her in a Brace she will Lag behind. It's like she is using her nose but not her head. I have two thoughs and am looking for your suggestions. Should I keep soloing her and let her work it out, or I am thinking about putting her with a fast dog and applying pressure. I need your input. I think this dog has a ton of potential and don't want to mess up.

    She could truely be something special.
  2. Fast dog!!!!!...jmo!!...but then again...what do you want her to be????

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    i agree put some pressure on her
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    You said "She could truely be something special."

    Special is in the eyes of the beholder.

    Personally I would just keep running her. She is a young developing hound.

    Hounds are just like people in the way that some are early and some are late bloomers if you will. Some come out with a bang winning everything and end up trash with a BIG name. Again in the eyes of the beholder. I've run behind a bunch of these. Some start out with a bang and stay nice! I've run behind a few of these. The start out with a BANG type fits the Field Trial Scene really well with the what's hot and new this year mentality with trials, trials and more trials.

    Some hounds start out slow and end up winning everything and die being a very nice hound you never leave home without their whole life. Some never get it done.

    I guess it just depends on what you want hounds for.

    If YOU like her just run her and enjoy her for what she is if she is not hurting you.

    I would let her be who she is without manipulation. If you do this she will be a TRUE hound the she is what she is Solid, the SAME everyday type and you won't have to figure out how to train her to get a trophy. Time?

    Time will tell what she really is if you don't start playing with her head just yet. You will learn alot about her true breeding and if you end up not liking her someone else will love her and she will be of great value in their eyes. She will get a good home, have a good life and you will get paid well for your trouble.

    I know many won't agree we all have different goals but that is what I would do.

    I find that smooth, controlled, gritty hounds that hunt, that don't dog race and won't leave a lost rabbit for a fresh one can steadly run a rabbit for days.

    But you may or may not get a lot of trophys with this kind of hound.

    So now we are back to........ What do you want hounds for?

    I know this probably didn't help.


    Mitch Huguet
  5. rosco

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    I want her to jump her fair share, run the line with control and move the rabbit.

    If she wins trophies, great if she don't, fine, it wont be the first or last 20.00 I lost.Trial judges don't dictate what I run.
    I just want good solid hounds.
  6. Bglenut

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    Just keep putting her on rabbits - solo - brace - etc.

    Run her with hounds her age.

    All hounds are different on how they learn to run a rabbit.
  7. MackC

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    Rosco, I would kep soloing her some and also packing her with dogs with simialar ability. The best way to teach a pup bad habits is to run her with dogs on a regular bases that she can't compete with. I have tried putting slower dogs with faster dogs to speed them up and sometimes it worked to some degree but they usually started cutting corners, running rough or just quit. My guess is she is still learning to run a rabbit and best way for her to learn that is to see the front as much as possible.
  8. My way of thinking it is genetics and you can't add what is not there,if you run her with a faster dog,use one that is only a step or two faster,later when she is 18 months old run her with hounds more the speed you like in a hound,she will come around to your liking or you should consider placing her with some one that likes her style and speed.If you pull her to hard she may stop running or she may go off and find her own rabbit or she may just start running with the pack trying to stay up and forget about running a rabbit,it is all genetics when all is said and done,my opinion.
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    If i want to speed a hound up i run it with less experienced younger dogs so that the hound can get all the front end and gain the experience and confidence it needs.It's like a light switch being turned on.One day you look and the hound is just pulling away from the younger hounds more and more and driving the line.Then i take the hound and run it with dogs more of it's age and caliber.The confidence and experience that hound learned from running with the slower hounds will show and the competitive side will come out.Has always worked for me.