What type rubber boots?

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Jeff Gammon, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Jeff Gammon

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    What type do yall like best? For years I have worn the Lacrosse Burly Classic, and I really like them, but can only get about 2 years out of them before the briars get to them. I have heard good stuff about Muck, but am afraid the neopream just wouldn't hold up.
  2. my whole family wear muck boots

  3. woodhippy

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    The mucks or the Bogs are about the best...
  4. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I wear mine year around. How well do those brands hold up to saw briars and blackberry briars?
  5. we wear our boots year round to and i have tore the tops of my boots on sawbriars but muck makes a new boot i think its called armour that the topp looks tough enough to handle the sawbriars and their supposed to be snake proof as well.
  6. dbounds

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    I wear the Mucks year round, but I always put my pants inside and wear chaps or overalls over my boots. Compared to the LaCross, Mucks are like wearing houseshoes. I have an older guy I hunt with and he says he would have had to stop running dogs if he had not found out about Mucks. They make that much of an improvement for him on being able to walk all day!
  7. Owl Creek

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    all the warmth with out the bulk.
    Chris is spot on.
    woody armor is the ones that have the rubber uppers
    they wont get tore up by the briers. thats what i'm going with next time.
    we both have the woody max and love them
    it was 21 Deg. out this mornin we crossed the creek a few times .
    the boots kept are feet warm and toastey. and your feet dont sweat. the boots breath. i know of 6 people that went a bought a pair after they seen mine. and another thing the COMFORT, better than tennis shoes.
  8. RKW

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    Boots ?

    Jeff I have worn Lacrosse Burly myself for years and unless I tore them on something they generally dry rot on me. I decided to go with Muck this year and they seem to feel good but the top did snag easier. Now I have a new problem but I'm not sure it is the boot's fault. The arch in my left foot was hurting so bad after walk hunting for squirrels yesterday I can't go anywhere right now. Maybe it's me but when I put on shoes with arch support I can walk again. If Muck has a boot with arch support I think they would be ok for me. If they don't I'll have to start using an insert.
  9. I wear burly's. Or Grange when its not terribly cold. I put my bibs over the boots , keeps trash out, and they weill last for aobut 5 years. Muck seems to be alright, and when I wear out these burly's I'll probably try a pair.( Lacrosse is now made in China)
  10. Crofford

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    Muck Woody Armor
  11. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Think I will stick with the Lacrosse burly classic, I have worn them for years and love the way they feel on my feet, but I believe I will add a pair of chaps to protect the tops of my boots. Nitelight has a pair for 25 dollars, seems like a pretty good investment
  12. FB

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    I wear Burly's if I know theres alot of water or another pair of Lacrosse that have the rubber bottom and the leather tops.

    I always wear either chaps or bibs so tearing isnt really an issue for me. I really like Lacrosse and hate to hear theyre made in China now. :down:
  13. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Yea them being made over really bums me out too
  14. beagleman01

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    wow didnt relieze that
  15. The next pair you buy, you'll realize it. I bought two pair end of last year from Natchez Shooter supply, they had em on sale, and when I got em right there on the top inside it says it almost too proudly made in China. Poked a hole in one really quick. Patched it, and am now praying that it doesn't start leaking before the end of season this year. Don't get me wrong, I still like the boots, but come on folks, these poor guys over here need our jobs back so we can afford to feed our beagle dogs. I wonder if they will change the name from LaCrosse to Bejing Burly.:headscratch:
  16. Echo Hill's

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    I like the Mucks alot more than the LaCrosse boots. Much easier to get on/ off and lite. Plus I don't seem to get them terrible leg craps when trying to pull off those LaCrosses after being out all day! I have judged several trials with Mucks on and wouldn't even think of trying to keep up all day in any other rubber type boot.

  17. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    The Lacrosse don't give me much of a problem getting them off unless I wade over the top of them and get water in them. If I do get water in them I have an old boot jack my grandpe made years ago. Makes it a snap getting wet boots off