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Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by BRamsey, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. BRamsey

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    Hey guys, I've bought a pair of pups. They are only a couple of weeks old right now. I was just wondering if yall have any tricks when picking pups out of a litter. I'm sure there is no way of knowing exactly how they will turn out when they get older,but i'm sure some of you long time beaglers have some tricks up yalls sleeves on this matter. Please share some info. Thanks, Bobby
  2. first...i hope a couple weeks to you is about 6-7 weeks!!!...if so...i can give you something...if not...we might have to wait a week or 5...LOL

  3. pick it up under its arms...like a toddler..its back feet will come forward...it wont like it probably...look for knots on its belly..anywhere...from chest to tail on the underside!!...other than that...i kind of like it if the roof of their mouth is dark...(black..purple..or even a real dark red) depending on the breed!!!...JMO
  4. FB

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    Barring something like over/under bite, crooked legs, etc. I just try to get one thats bold and friendly and marked up the way I like.
  5. rosco

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    I like friendly and pretty, Then if it wont run you will have no problem finding it a new home. Nothing wose than an ugly hound that want run.
  6. BRamsey

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    Yeah they're only about 2 weeks right now but I won't be picking them out until week 6. Just wanted to get started early on info.
  7. BRamsey

    BRamsey Moderator

    What are the knots you're talking about? And thanks for the info Blubeagle.
  8. BRamsey

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    Good points. A shy dog really burns me up. And I don't like ugly dogs even if they will run. FB, what would you do with a dog with crooked legs, a major over bite, ugly, AND wouldn't run a rabbit?
  9. FB

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    If it was very bad it probably wouldnt make it far enough to know if it would run a rabbit or not.
  10. TDOG

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    Look the pups over very carefull making sure that the confermation is perfect call all the pups to you noting which one responds the quickest measure thier height with a ruler and multiply and divide by how many days they are old and then count their teeth noting how sharp the k-9's are then and this is the most important part Go iny mini miney moe lol Sorry about the humor but I just never have any luck buy them all start them and keep the ones you like the best it's truly the only way.
  11. Pick the meanest one of all and you won't have to worry about shyness. Look it over really good (gum color, bite, etc.) take it home and worm it. Good luck.
  12. drag a hotdog in front of them and the first one to it is going home with me.
  13. Echo Hill's

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    I try to watch them for a while and barring any defects, I will go with the boldest pup as my first choose. Try putting something( Rag,Stick or a chew toy) that is new to them in where they can check it out.One pup will be the first one to mess with it. I also like a pup to try to get all your attention and wants to follow you around. Really none of this will actually help to pick the best pup out of a litter cause luck prevails but you got to start somewhere! :beagle: :headscratch:
  14. drjjones87

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    I will just let my cousin Jeff pick. Seems like every time he picks one out of my litters he gets the best one and leaves me with the one that don't work out. HA!

    And he picked Jessie for me. I sure like her.
  15. i check the confirmation and the bite on the pups then let the kids decide from there
  16. huguejm

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    First I would go to a highly recommended breeder and hang around the cages, pups and hounds he doesn't show you. That is where you want to be. To me the most important thing you can do is only buy bold friendly pups off hounds you have seen run and or hunted with and from a repeat breeding when you can. Other then that good luck??????????

    If I haven't seen the sire and dam or previous litter littermates run I can't even begin to have a clue as to what I am buying. It's just a hope and a prayer, a money pit and usually a costly flop. That is why I breed my own. No one knows better then me what I like and I can get some more just like em anytime I'm ready.

    Mitch Huguet
  17. Havard

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    Mitch is dead on. I have bought pups time and time again site unseen, and have been burned more than not. In my opinion, unless you have seen the sire, dam, older litter mates of the same cross and actually put your hands on the pups to see how they act....you are for sure buying what the guy is selling, and only maybe what you are hoping to get! Good luck.

    Chris Havard
  18. hernia!!!