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What size beagles do you run?

What size beagles do you prefer?

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Just curious as to what size beagles most of yall run.
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i like a full size beagle
It doesn't matter to me. I have two 13" and two 15". I'm just glad to be able to have a few to run.
all of mine are 13 inch class but do have 1 male that is 14 1/4
I like 13 but I have that will go 14 and taller
I like a full 13" hound. Don't always get it, but that's what I like.

I have never looked at size or color of a beagle. All I want is one to do it right. Tried to go by size or color before and just didn't happen for me. Putting together a uniform pack in size or color and much less both is almost impossible unless you breed them yourself. Unfortumately I am not a breeder. I prefer buying a started pup or ready to start pup that shows promise. My dogs range in size from full 15" to about 12 1/2" all 6 of my running dogs could run together if I wish, but I usually run my males together and females together. I do see the advantage of having a kennel of small dogs in these times. Feed bill surely would look a whole lot better. I do admire the guys that breed their own and do it well and they are the guys that guys like me need to get pups from, they do the hard work with their knowledge of breeding in allowing a good one to slip into our hands on occasion.:clap:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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