What qualities do you look for in a puppy?

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  1. jhook04

    jhook04 Well-Known Member

    I will be choosing a female out of a litter that should be born this upcoming weekend. What qualities Do you see in a pup that helps them stand out from the others? And about what age do they start showing those qualities? I will be selling all of the others. So I’m hoping these qualities can be seen by 6-8 weeks of age. Help me out.
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  2. LtELmer

    LtELmer Well-Known Member

    jhook you would have to do a search but there was a thread on this subject not so long ago. For me it is just which one turns my crank,I have took runts a few times and had great results.My oldest male was the biggest but beautiful conformation. Just what talks to me at the time.


    JOHN MAYNARD Well-Known Member

    I like to pull them all back from mother to gather and see which ones get to her first. Like this Methen a little earlier around three weeks age and also the biggest and have this one and confirmation it’s really whatever you like it to time.The best thing to do would be by the whole litter and sale the rest. Pull them all back and put a little food out in front and turn them loose
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  4. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    Best if you have room start them first then make your choice, don't get rid of a sure nuff burner.
  5. LtELmer

    LtELmer Well-Known Member

    I agree Hunt like a dog but if you don't have the time ,place or money you have to make a choice. JMO
  6. Hunt like a dog

    Hunt like a dog Well-Known Member

    I know it's really hard to let pups go and not knowing if that's the one!
  7. LtELmer

    LtELmer Well-Known Member

    That is the dilemma !
  8. Huntsman

    Huntsman Well-Known Member

    SE Ohio
    Again, I look for conformation first. I also look for size. I like big hounds, so am always trying to figure out which puppies will have the most size as adults, particularly among the females since getting a big female is more difficult than a big male.

    The show breeders are experts at picking the puppy with the best conformation, and they will tell you precisely 8 weeks is the best time to pick a puppy. Prior to 8 weeks of age, the development is not complete, and after 8 weeks things change (legs, etc) too much to be reliable. But at 8 weeks they are very much like they will be as adults, so that is the best time to make your selection.
  9. thefoxes85@hotmail.com

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    I would look at length of ears, mouth,teeth, conformation, color, markings, and how it interacts with other pups. Take a old rag and see which ones are interested in the rag, do they play with it? If you hide it in your hand do they search and smell your hand finding the rag. If you get excited do they come to you. Also get a good look at the mother and sire if they are at the kennel.JMO
  10. S.R.Patch

    S.R.Patch Well-Known Member

    I like the little blind puppy that can find it's mother first, the little one that comes to my hand, I pitch out a hand full of diced hotdogs and watch which puppy lets it's nose lead it directly to the most pieces, some are master of their nose and some let their nose lead. I look for problem solvers, whether it be getting through, over or around, some will simply sit down and cry. The visual puppy, active, well built and proportioned, you've seen boys that look like little men, I like pups that look like little hounds, big and stout for their inches.
    A lot of times the puppy will pick you and try to show you, "I'm the one, pick me!".
    Best of luck... IMG_1786.JPG
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  11. S.R.Patch

    S.R.Patch Well-Known Member

    Tim, when we started, we used to get big males and small females, they just seemed to segregate that way. Twenty-five yr later we get pretty level size with using selection over time. If we get a small one now, it can be either sex. The English puppies were hard and stout right off the teat, not soft like alot of ours. I never figured that out.
  12. Aubbietiger

    Aubbietiger Well-Known Member

    Well jhook all I’m going to say is choose the color you like the size of pup you like at the time of the pick and conformation and the rest will be left up to DNA and Brains and that my friend is how I roll the dice. Loose some more than you will keep unless you breed your own then the percentage goes up. Best of luck my friend.
  13. power

    power Member

    I like a friendly , looker.. But if they're my litter I wait until they can get around and eating solid food. Get them out and toss treats on the ground .. usually the one with the biggest nose and most hustle gets the most treats.. seems most find a track and check the same way later on...
  14. mitch huguet

    mitch huguet Well-Known Member

    Hard to put in to words for me but I will try.

    I like...Quiet...Focused, Confident, Determined... Calm Aggression

    What ever they do with the other pups they are the ones that always win.

    They are intent to do one thing and dominate it instead of running here there all around and everywhere playing all over the box. Focused..They win at everything. They dominate they win quietly and calmly. You can see right off the bat they are tuff but mentally stable. No fear. They don't give up. They always impose their will on others anything.

    Here is another thing.
    I can stared down with direct eye contact a litter of pups one by one and send them into the box without saying a word. The one that stares back right in my eyes walks up to me looking me right in the eyes with no fear and answers my challenge instead of sullying off to hide. That is good one for me. Some litters have none like this.

    If I bred the litter I always start and train them all until they are as good as they are going to get culling along the way.
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  15. jhook04

    jhook04 Well-Known Member

    Wow that is good thank you!!
  16. MackC

    MackC Moderator

    If I was going to choose at 6-8 weeks old I would pick one that was bold acting, healthy looking with no obvious physical defects. They change daily when they are that young so it is a crap shoot at that age. I like to trial 13" males so I keep all the males and start them and cull them along the way. And hopefully end up with a good one or two.
  17. smitchell

    smitchell Well-Known Member

    Just had a litter of 10. There were 8 males and two females. I wanted to keep 4 males and 1 female, I watched them eat and play, who's always hungry who plays the most who wants me to pet them the most who's the friendly one. They were very similar in all they did so I start looking at their head, ears and coloring. As much as I want mine to turn out good I also want the others to do well.
  18. JDW

    JDW Well-Known Member

    If we are looking at a we’ll bred litter, that by all rights should be at minimum , serviceable gun dogs. I check running gear , bite ,ears , coat etc. Do I want a male or female ? Look for defects. If nothing exists , then by all means , pick the one that you somehow gravitate towards. It really is a crap shoot.
  19. Burnett

    Burnett Well-Known Member

    I have the luxuary of knowing what my pups are going to likely be.Theyre not what 99% of folks on this site want but what i want.Ive bred them for decades.Ive not bought a beagle pup from anyone in 40 years.The few ive sold id let the person buying the pup pick which one they want.I kept whats left.(Except for maybe a certain female). Now with coonhounds its a different story.Ive picked a sorry pup 95% of the time.ha.And so have my hunting friends of the past.The bluetic coonhound i have now is the first hound pup ive bought in 20 yrs.. Ive hunted currs.Ive had good luck with currs.when i bought H.C. Blue at 6wks i had 3 to pick from out of a litter of 4 .Three were playful and happy and all over me. Ussually what id pick. H.C. was in the corner looking at me like what do you want? Leave me alone. Anyone see the Seinfeld episode where George Castanza " The bald guy that everything went wrong for him all the time" He figured out that if his first natural instinct is always wrong then the opposite would have to be right.Kinda what i did picking H.C. blue.Ha. I now have a nice coonhound pup i love.But he may still dud out.ha. But i dont think so.I got lucky for a change.This theory meant nothing.Your odds improve buying a pup from a proven cross as long as theyre the kind of dog you want.H.C. is a three time cross with good dogs in the first two.
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  20. Bowguy 1

    Bowguy 1 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it’s easy to dwindle down some according to absolute nos. Like anything lemon!!