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    I was wondering how each of you got interested in running beagles ? Did you grow up with them or maybe a friend or family memeber had them and got you hooked ? Heres my story........i grew up in a family that didnt hunt so you would think that beagles would be the last thing id be interested in. When i was about 14 (which was a long,long time ago) i found a book in the school library named " Beagles,Bunnies and Boys" written by Tom McNally and i read it and it sparked my interest in hunting, especially with the little hounds. I was obsessed with the thought of owning one but couldnt because of where we lived at the time. It wasnt until several years later that i got my first one and have been hooked ever since. Im sure i have spent 1000s of hours with them over the years in the field and i feel blessed to have been able too. Kind of funny how a book started this whole hound thing with me. So how did everyone here get started running hounds? Lets hear the stories........:D
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    I just looked down the page and realized that crofford started a similar post. If a mod would like to delete this, please do. Thanks, John.

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    I've been hunting since I was old enough to tag along with my dad. He loved to bird hunt so I was around bird dogs at a young age. When I was in high school my buddy Jeff Berry ( ninja turtle ) had some beagles and got me into rabbit hunting. I hunted with him for a couple of years until he went off to college and sold his dogs.I didn't rabbit hunt much after that until 6 years ago when I bought some beagles of my own by then Jeff lived just a few miles away and when he went hunting with me one day he got the fever again and bought some beagles of his own. Nowdays we still hunt and run dogs togeather every chance we get.
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    Even I forgot the other post :smack:
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    I have been hunting since I was 10 mostly by myself at that time and had dogs for almost everything in the woods. I used to fox hunt with some older gentlemen and I loved to listen to the yarns and ribbing they playfully gave to each other. Then leasing started and there were hunting spots that you couldn't go anymore so I thought about getting beagles and running rabbits. I really loved it. I was lucky to have put together an excellent pack. What I remember most was my 2 year old son sitting on the back pattio with me when the dogs ran the rabbit back and forth within 5 feet of the porch and how excited he would get. Those times are priceless. He will be 30 next his next birthday and he still loves to go hunting with me and me with him. What could be more fullfilling than spending quality time with friends and family doing something you love to do?

  6. I have had running dogs allmy life I use to go fox hunting with my dad are who ever I could go with until I got old enough to drive the and I owned a few beagles at this time to then it got where you couldn't hunt fox dogs any more with out some one getting mad because your dogs went across there 5acres so I went to all beagles
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    My dad had beagle deer dogs when I was very young. I loved to be around them any chance I got. When I was in fith and sixth grade my Sunday School teacher would take us coon hunting and I fell in love with hounds. I started bugging by dad for some rabbit dogs. He got me a pair for Christmas when I was in the eighth grade. He always said he dosen't know if that was the best or worst present he ever got me cause he hooked me for life. Take a kid hunting like my dad and Sunday School teacher did me. It's a great sport and can make a lasting impression!
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    my dad had beagles the whole time i was growing up. wouldnt know what to do if i didnt have a beagle around the house.
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    Dad started taking me before I was old enough to remember going
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    Great stories guys:thumb:
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    my uncle had beagles when i was young he gave me my first one. been hooked ever since
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    My neithgor took me when I was a young boy and I was hooked. there is no doubt these little dogs kept me out of trouble all through school. :D:D
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    I hate to think what else I could have gotten into if it had not been for hunting and fishing when I was in school. Key word ELSE!

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    I know exactly what you mean. Not so much when I was in High School but my first couple of years in college and definatly during my early 20's hunting and fishing definatly kept me out of a lot of trouble still managed to find a little though :whistle:
  15. Yeah I mainly grew up dog driving for deer and occasionally we would go with someone rabbit hunting. Then when I graduated high school, which has been 6 quick years that have flown by, I wanted a pack of rabbit dogs. Started with 3-6 week old pups for $40 bucks a piece. Still have them to this day. Just wish they had papers, I would be set. Anyway working my way into some registered dogs now.
  16. my step dad got me started with beagles i was only about 6 years old when my mom married him. He raised, ran, and sold alot of beagles i can remember peolple coming from all over to buy dogs from us as well as bringing females over to breed to his stud dogs. We didn't have papered beagles but we sure had some very nice rabbit dogs. I went a couple years without beagles just after high school but ever since then i've had them and i cant imagine being without them again.
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    All the stories are great. I sure wish i had the chance to have grown up with hounds like some of you have. Im sure they have given alot of memorable hunts and runs for all of you.
  18. Shot my first rabbit when I was 11. Had a single shot twelve and honestly blew it to pieces. We didn't have any dogs. Unless you count my dad who was busting his a$$ trying to jump me a rabbit. I was hooked. Wanted some hounds after that. I bet I had ten or more growing up and none of them were worth a lick. I have a guy on my mail route with beagles and everyday I would stop and pet them. Got to know the fella really well, and when they had a couple litters of pups he offered me a pair. I couldn't say no. Now I have a half dozen in my pack and at the age of 34 I finally have the dogs that I've been wanting all my life. I hope that I can pass on the fever to my kids. My little girl who's 4 loves to chase them with me. Can't wait.