What exactly does derby mean?

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  1. Crofford

    Crofford New Member

    I hear people talking about derbies all the time and I see several advertised as derby what exactly does that mean?
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  2. This is what I got from bglnut on another post
    Derby diff. by the akc rules page 45 :

    Definition of a Beagle Derby
    A Beagle is a Derby throughout the calendar year,
    January 1 through December 31, if it was whelped not
    later than June 30 of the previous year and not earlier
    than July 1 of the year before that, except that at trials
    held in Large Packs on hare a Beagle shall be a Derby
    if it has not reached its second birthday on the first
    day of the trial.

  3. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    A Derby is just a young beagle that is less than 2 years old.
  4. lol
  5. beagleman01

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    guess that explains that
  6. Dino

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    I thought i had it figured out but then i read some posts and got confused again :smack:
    So a pup born after July 1st of last year would be this years Derby? And pups born before June 30th of last year was last years Derby right?
  7. John-PA

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    A pup born between July 1st 2010 and June 30th 2011 will be a derby for 2012.
    Unless you are talking large pack, then they are a derby the year they turn 2 regardless of what month they were born.
  8. Dino

    Dino Active Member

    We have a pup that was born 7/25/2011 so won't be a derby until next year
  9. Dino

    Dino Active Member

    The rule book makes it sound confusing; but all I have to remember is a dog born between:
    July 1st of (year 1) - and June 30th of (year 2) >>> will be a derby in (year 3)
    Simple as 1 -2 -3 :clap:

    Thanks John-PA
  10. Dino

    Dino Active Member

    I had to look this post up again to remember what the dates were for a derby
  11. I like how you posted it here, makes more since that way lol
  12. still confused....i think i stay that way

    k so here is another stupid question....

    how does the derby season run?

    July 1st of (year 1) - and June 30th of (year 2) >>> will be a derby in (year 3)

    so I have a female that was born 09/27/2010 so is she a derby now and is the derby season Jan 1 - Dec 31? or is it different? :headscratch:

    one of these days I might actually understand it.
  13. crappie

    crappie New Member

    She would have been 2012 derdy.
  14. Well I hate to ask this because the above information is pretty clear for most that understand this system. I am still confused.

    I have a hound born 12/5/10. Is she a derby for this coming season or she too old now?
  15. so what dates fall under that season?
  16. crappie

    crappie New Member

    I have 2 that was born in october of 2011 so they will run the derby trials in feb an march that we have in 2013
  17. crappie

    crappie New Member

    July 1 2010- june 30 2011
  18. so confusing i guess i will stick to the all age trials lol