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  1. VomHaus

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    What are some good lines that cross well with Otis bred dogs that produce results?
  2. BeaglePat

    BeaglePat Member

    Bear , Buckshot been good for me
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  3. VomHaus

    VomHaus Member

    which one helps with power and foot of the two lines
  4. BeaglePat

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    Choosing your stud wisely is the key, so many variations of Bear and Buckshot bloodlines. Just in general they cross well. Just choose a stud in either bloodline that you like. Because jus by choosing a Bear or Buckshot stud doesn't guarantee you foot or power. Those are traits held by the particular stud you choose .... imo hope that helps
  5. VomHaus

    VomHaus Member

    Thank you for the help.
  6. jeffro

    jeffro Active Member

    I get really good results breeding Otis to Stubby/Shorts blood.It's all I have now in my kennel.
  7. vlockert

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    wiercreek/Otis turned out real nice
  8. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Active Member

    Buckshot lines seem to produce small hounds as do the Otis bred dogs. If you are looking for big (over 13") you may want to look at something different.
  9. VomHaus

    VomHaus Member

    Depends on how close I suppose. Dog is already has a good bit of Otis. 20180413_211903.jpg
  10. Markw

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    You just as much shorts blood or more than you do Otis blood in that ped best I can see you may won’t to go that way I would say you would have better flow on the line that way who knows