What color would you call her and any suggestions on a name?

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by FB, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. FB

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    Id say chocolate but liver or red would work too I guess.

    Im leaning toward Maggie. Any suggestions?
  2. I would say liver but the others work----pretty pup

  3. FB is that the Duce gyp ya went & got in mo. She sure is nice want ta get rid of her, if not Try Rubby for name LOL
  4. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Yep, thats her and thanks for the offer, but I think Im gonna hang on to her awhile and give her a chance. Ive got her brother too but he's more of the "typical" Blackcreek look.

    The guy I got these from has a littermate male for sale on the espo board that he said he was gonna keep but must have changed his mind about.

    I might let you have her in a year or so if I decide to cull her. My culls are probably better than most of those mutts you're runnin' anyway. :hide: :razz:

    Im just messin' with you. Id be just as proud of those dogs as you are if they were mine. I just hope she lives up to half of the expectations Ive got for her and can give me a good start on getting some dogs like yours.

    Im startin' from scratch with these Blackcreeks and Ive got a long way to go to get em where I want em to be. I sure aint ashamed to let somebody like you (and Ben and Coach and others) thats been in em alot longer and has alot of it pretty much figured out help me out with advice. You liked the pedigree and thought she was bred "right" so that was good enough for me to buy her.

    And I kinda like Ruby too. I had a lab named Maggie that my wife and sone were pretty fond of that died a year or so ago. It might be kinda soon to use that name on another one.

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    NE AR
    Liver I got a female that looks just like her but mine isn't Blackcreek
  6. I would call her brown, white, and tan. That is one of the choices for color on the AKC application papers. Beautiful pup Freddie. If you want to see an awesome looking brown dog go to Amite River kennels website and look at Huff's Riverland Charter. I think he is the best looking brown dog I have ever seen.
  7. I`ve always call em chocolate ? Jeff old charter is a fine hound have watched him run. FB that pups is breed real similar to the best on my yard. Wood`nt bother me a bit ta take chance on her, hope she works for ya, Ruby was the name of the best chocolate gyp i owned
  8. Baddog

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    She looks red to me. Nice looking pup. I like ruby as well. { freddie's red ruby} later derrell
  9. Beautiful little pup ya got there FB!
  10. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    Yup liver.
    call her 2 tone
  11. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    No firm decision made yet but it looks like its down to Ruby or Reba.
  12. Definately a nice looking pup.
  13. beagleman01

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    have a whole pack of them mostly called chocolate but registered red and white mine weir creek bred ruby fits her
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  14. pantom creek

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    butter cup

    butter cup
  15. RKW

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    " DUCE'S APPLE BUTTER CUP " Registered Name

    " Ruby " Sir Name :clap::clap::thankyou:
  16. MackC

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    I agree with Jeff Gammon, AKC would probably classify her as Brown, White, and Tan. If she was a pointer birddog she would be called a Liver and White. Maggie is a good name.