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what about bedding?

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There has to be something better than straw.

what about cedar chips? do they work well? do they hold water if they get wet?
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Hoop i`m tryen oak leaves & pine straw so far they love it & it dont mold & mildew like hay & i put cedar chips on bottom. Just something i`m tryen
Be careful with the cedar chips....I had some puppies eat it and it caused problems and vet bills
I use straw and mix in cedar chips for bug control and they make the hounds smell like cedar, a bit more pleasant. I have covered kennels that stay dry so the mildew from the moisture is not an issue. There has been growing popularity with the pine straw, the people I have heard using it likes it real well.
Ive never tried it myself but Ill bet pine straw would be good.

Mr. Goss said the other day that he was using it and liked it as long as you just picked up the stuff right off the top.

Maybe mix a few cedar chips in with it?

Ive always used straw but it gets wet pretty easy and doesnt dry out very well. Ive also had dogs get a fungus that the vet said came from wet straw/bedding.
Cedar and Hay

Cedar works wonders in the summer on mosquitos and fleas. I use Hay in the winter as my yard dogs seem to prefer it. I tried pinestraw years ago and had a very bad flea problem.
I always used cedar chips, hadn't had any problems so far
I use cedar chips and have never had any problems.
ceder chips as well.
i have seen pine chips hear lately tho.
I use cedar chips as a light base then straw over the top. i've used straw forever I guess its b/c thats what my grandad and great uncles always used. but added the cedar to help with the smell and fleas. I love it but just dont feel that it insulates as well in the winter so i add straw when it gets cold.
same here i used straw one year and had a dog have a skin reaction to it so now its only cedar chips for me it keeps the bugs away and they smell good they love them they roll all around in them
Does the cedar dry out pretty quick if it gets wet?

Ive seen guys use it in dog boxes before and have always kinda wondered about it.
I like cedar chips, but I"ve got one of my dogs that likes to play bulldozer and shove it all out of the box onto the ground. Getting expensive.
I'll NEVER use straw again! I used it years ago. If it gets wet and it will, it will give the dogs skin problems and mange. If your gonna use something like that use a little hay. I've never used the cedar chips cause they were to high. My dog pens are out of the wind pretty good and I don't put a thing in thier dog houses unless it's supposed to get really cold, then I use a little hay. Dogs are tough and as long as they are out of the wind they will do fine. If it gets cold though I usually will put some hay in there for them. I wouldn't reccomend straw at all.
thank goodness, ive been using cedar chips for my pups and it makes em smell good..i got worried when i heard somewhere that cedar messed with their scenting/tracking ability..but looks like several here use it. makes me feel alot better.
wheat sraw

I like wheat straw it's hollow it keeps the dog's warmer than hay and its hypoallergenic.
You half to go in their dog house's with your bare hands and see whats wet. some dogs like to urinate in their house for some strange reason.
Plain grass hay works good for me and cheaper than straw. Dogs stay warm, even in this blizzard in Central Mo. The hay doesn't fall apart as bad as straw.
use pine straw ,works great they love it .
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