went hunting today

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  1. went hunting today with (Crossroads) we had some good running, but it was so thick and grown up that we didnt get any shots at rabbits, but they were in there. i had a goodtime and im looking foward to going with him again. i took my 14 year old son with us today, im trying to get him into dog running not just killing, he had a goodtime to.
  2. I had a good time too I always enjoy it more when I got someone to go with. we did some go races i was nice to met you dandt07 and your son i 'm looking foward going hunting with you again

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    Take that young man some this spring and summer and fall before season opens. Maybe just maybe he will get where enjoys running as much as hunting. Also I enjoy running dogs alot more when I have a dog in the race. Good luck with your son. Mine aint that wild about running dogs
  4. dandt, did you get to take that blackcreek female out? How'd she do?
  5. good to hear it.:thumb:
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    dandt07 take him with you every time he'll go. Hunting with your son or daughter is special. Hope he continues going with you. Have fun spending time together.

  7. :headscratch:
    I agree. My 11 yr old boy don't have any interest, but my little 4 year old girl loves it, and those are the best hunts when she gets to go. We ran a couple the other day and watched em run over us. She asked " Are you gonna shoot one daddy?" So just to make her happy, I shot her a rabbit. She wanted to "stuff it and put it in her room". :thumb: I wish they made one of those pink crickets in a .410.