Welcome to the new site/style/software!

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by FB, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. FB

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    Im sure its a shock to you when you first see it but once you get used to it for a little while and have a chance to look around and figure things out, I think youll like it alot.

    vBulletin is the most advanced forum software available and there are many, many features that most Members will find useful including Private Messaging, User Albums, a Calendar where Members can post events such as hunting trips, field trials, etc., Member Profiles and Albums, and much more.

    The only real downside to the new software is that all the registrations/old posts from the other software are gone so everything looks pretty empty right now.

    If you were registered over there you will have to register again here and if you are a new member we're glad to have you.

    Hope you enjoy the site and the new software and if you have any problems registering or posting let me know and Ill help you any way that I can.

  2. Big Holler

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    Nice new look! :up:

  3. Harp

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    I like the new site but like you said I will have to get used to the dark colors....how about black and tans....Oh black dot eyed
  4. Thanks for the invite. After I got the email letting me know about the new software. I went back to the other site and thought well i guess i am special or something. till this morning and realized noone is posting??? oh well i found it anyways. :clap:
  5. Owl Creek

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    Thanks for the invite FB.
    very nice. you did a great job.:applaud:
  6. FB

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    I know this one is gonna take some getting used to but once you do I think youll like it alot.

    Yall need to click on User CP and look around in there at all the different settings that you can use to view the forum. You can set up an album and store pictures on it and all kinds of stuff.

    If youll look in the navbar you can click on Invite Your Friends and send an email to other folks that you think might be interested in the site. Thats the main thing we need right now. More members.

    Also either URL should bring you to the "new" message board now. :thumb:

    Give me a week or two and youll be able to choose for yourself between several different colors and styles. Black and tan I can handle but I aint makin' any promises on the dot eyes. :thumb:
  7. Good Job FB, It`l l take alittle figuren out on my end:up:
  8. FB

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    Yeah, if you arent familiar with vBulletin it takes some gettin' use to, but once you figure it out youll see why its the most advanced message board software out there and I think youll like it alot.

    Be sure and click on User CP and look around in there a little bit and you can also see how to use some of the features in the Help Forum.
  9. Hoop

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    I like it.

    A little dark but itll work.

    SHOOTER New Member

    NE AR
    I like it :applaud:
  11. Baddog

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    very nice site!!thanks freddie you did a good job. later derrell
  12. FB

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    If yall dont like the colors, scroll to the bottom of the page and on the left side youll see a drop down menu that will let you choose which color you use to view the forum.

    If you use Bingo, there are 5 or 6 different colors in that one alone.
  13. FB

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    Welcome mcardery2k!

    Ive seen your videos on some other beagling sites and theyre good. Im sure folks over here will enjoy watching them also.
  14. beagleman01

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    like the new site lots of good info