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  1. I don't care what kind of coat a dog has . There's is a couple places I run . If you run more than two days a week and dog that wags his tail alot. It will be raw.Just my opinion it's more on how much one wags its tail than its coat . A dog with small tail want have as much problem as a broom handle tail. Just my opinion from my experience .
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    I agree with you poplar creek .

    I have a grade dog with a thin tail and he never gets a bloody tail and he hunts with my Black Creek dogs . He doesn’t swing his tail as hard and fast as they do .

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    My experience has been that a hound with a good thick coat and tail will have fewer problems than a slick rat tailed hound.

    I bred to FC Northway Ninja in 1995 and got some very thin coats, although one of the puppies was probably the best running hound I have had. It took me a few generations to breed out the thin coats. Today I have that cross throughout my pedigrees but my hounds can run for hours in blackberry and multiflora rose cutover with very little blood showing. As you can tell, I am not a fan of tail docking any breed. Not only is it unsightly, but the tail has a purpose - even on a Doberman.
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    Poplar”s dog has a very thick tail , but as you can see it is bloody . Maybe not enough to bother his hunt , but it is bloody .

    When it affects the hunt and comfort of the dog I band them . They hunt better and are not in pain . I have seen enough of my Black Creek dogs that get the sore bloody tails that I dock now when they are puppies . And I don’t consider their coats thin or rat tails . It’s more about how fast and hard they swing them .
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    I can see that side of it too. I wouldn’t want any of them in pain all the time if it was bothering them that bad. I’ve had a couple over the years that were more prone to a bloody tail and maybe they would have benefited from it being docked
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    Well build hound you have sir!
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    How big is he?
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  8. I'm going to say 14.5
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    I have a question about DNA! I'm still a newbie, and am wondering what is the reason for getting DNA. Is it because you don't have papers and trying to get them, or what. Just wondering because I have a male who is not registered.
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  10. No he is registered AKC but AKC requires you to do dna on a male. If he breeds more than 3 dogs in a year or seven in a lifetime . He has breed two in the last 3 months and supposed to have a few more coming in next couple months .
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    I appreciate it. I'm always looking for knowledge. Been hunting a while, but new to owning my own dogs. What part of TN you in?
  12. Your welcome !! I'm about 50 miles south of Nashville .