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Wattensaw beagle club

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Is anyone on here a member? Met a guy today that was a member of the club. Their club house is in Knoble AR. Didn't know there was a beagle club this close to me. They run SPO format
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I'm a member. I was the president when we still had it at Hazen.
I knew there used to be a beagle club there but I didnt realize they were still doing it.

Where are the hunts held and how often?

Do you advertise em in Hounds and Hunting?
Wattensaw had a Licensed Trial the weekend before Christmas and they have another one scheduled for March I think. They advertise in Better Beagling. Hounds and Hunting subscribers generally run a more conservitive hound. Wattensaw is a member of the Midwest Association. The Clubhouse and running grounds are in Knoble,AR north of Walnut Ridge.
Yea, the guy that I talked to told me the hounds ran a little rough sometime. I don't have enogh foot to run with that type of hound
i entered a couple dogs in their last hunt just before christmas we had good running, super nice people, and alot of nice hounds we had a great time.
Talked to a guy today and he seems to think their next trial is in Feb. I'll make a call tommoro and find out and post the date!
FEB. 20th-21st they will run the females on saturday the 20th and the males on sunday the 21st
Remind me of it when it gets a little closer. I dont think Ive got anything that will compete but if I might give it a shot just cause its closer than any other SPO trial is.
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