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Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by rosco, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. rosco

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    Flea and tick season is here.
    What kid of soap do you guys use when washing your dogs ?

    I just use the stuff from wall mart and a cap full of bleach.

    Are you overly impressed with any of it ?
  2. RKW

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    Give a dog a bath? Only if I am putting one in a bench show. If I did I would use Horse Main and Tail Shampoo. I believe it is made by Farnum. Dogs need the natural oil in their coat and as for fleas and ticks I use some type of a Frontline kind of product that you put between their shoulders and at the root of their tail. It really works.


  3. joy soap is the best soap to kill fleas
  4. High Rock Beagles

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    I don't have fleas. I've been treating the ground with orthro max or equivilant for the past 20 years. I use a big bottle of Happy Jack dip makes 30 gal. Add 1 bottle of kerosene to it and 1 box of cooking salt and stir for ticks. Dip dogs every 2 weeks. Works great repels mosqitose well too. Use it all season.
  5. RKW

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    High Rock Beagles, I use Ortho Max too on our entire yard and I don't have fleas either. My wife just put out some of it on a few ant hills as well.

  6. BRamsey

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    I spinkle a little 7-dust on my dogs when i start seeing ticks on them.
  7. ontt put that seven dust where nursing bitches can get into it. i neverhad flea or tick problems but i bath occassionally with happy jack itch no more or dawn to cut the grease and remove shedding hair. for skin problems i use lymdyp by vet solutins
  8. dbounds

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    Any kind of soap will kill fleas, but if your pen has fleas they will just get right back on the dog. I'm sure some of the actual flea soaps for dogs will keep killing them for a few days. If you use Frontline plus, it will kill fleas and rid your pen by making them unable to reproduce. Fleas can build up a resistance and if this happens use Advantix one time then go back to Frontline plus. I buy the big box and empty it into a capsul vial then draw it out a half a cc at a time with a syringe and put it on each hound. It goes a lot further this way and is much more economical. It kills ticks longer than fleas! Using Frontline Plus eliminates having to spray the pen. This has worked for me!
  9. here is what i do...i use the ortho max all around my kennel...(10-15 feet)...i use all cedar bedding in their houses...1 dollar flea and tick collars from walmart...and an occasional dusting of 7 dust!!!...works for about everything including mosquitoes!!!...by the way...my kennel has a solid floor which is sprayed every other day!!!