Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Jeff Gammon, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Just in case you forgot today is Valentines Day. If you didn't do something for your wife today, your dog running might slow dawn a little
  2. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    No Warning needed here, just got a new rabbit dog and having a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. She said she'll love me forever. That's all the info you guys are getting from me. :whistle::whistle::whistle:

    Hope you all have a happy day too!


  3. cdp

    cdp New Member

    my wife got me a new pup last week for our anniversry so for valentines day i gave her a shopping spree at her favorite store
  4. i took my wife to a feild trial for valentines day
  5. cdp

    cdp New Member

    wish i could get mine to go to one