warm and windy running

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by daveh, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. daveh

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    wasn`t sure how the runnin was going to be sat. was real warm and the wind was blowing about 30mph. they ran great and the bunny ran big. was not able to keep up with them but got some footage when they came back with the bunny. over 2 hours on one bunny when it went into a creek bottom.
  2. beagleman01

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    sounds great wish we could run right now dand ole turkeys:banghead:

  3. RKW

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    Nice video and good running. Put some more together I like to listen to everyone's hounds. They look dang good too! Thanks

  4. bellboxes

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    Dave that sure looks and sounds good. hope you are putting that Mississippi dog box to good use. Watch out for the snakes and ticks. They have broke out down here in a big way this year. Be glad when we can start back running.
  5. good video and some good looking dogs
  6. daveh

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    thanks it was a good day. mr. bell mac loves his box. he can strech of after some good runnin. i love the box also. nice and lite and can take it out real easy to get to the back box. dave
  7. Hoot

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    Sweet music!! Sounds good Dave:up: