wanted female beagle

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  1. im looking for a female beagle reg, or grade dog you can reach me at 501-654-4097
  2. Ive got a grade female, about a year old, she doesn't run, but she's only been out 4 times. She just got bred yesterday to my bluetick who is a cracker jack rabbit dog. I would love for you to come get her. Very friendly dog, I just don't have the time to work with her, I've got a five month old that I'm working with, and I definitely don't need the puppies. But I bet they will be pretty good. I got her about two weeks ago and honestly haven't seen her do a whole lot. Call me if your interested 870-335-four one eight four. I live about 20 miles north of Jonesboro.

  3. is she breed to a blue tick beagle
  4. Yes she's bred to my bluetick male. I can't say anything about her, cause I don't know her, but my male is a good dog that I do know. So the pups,well...
    :headscratch: I think they'll be good ones, but I don't have the room for them right now.
  5. i found one today, 8 month old black creek female. thanks for the repley
  6. good call.I got rid of that female that I had today .