Wanted 410.

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  1. Pump or semi- auto
  2. You find a semi auto, you better hang on to it!:up:

  3. i found some online for a 1000 and up. thought i might try on here
  4. Echo Hill's

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    Try GunBroker.com..... I just looked and there are several 410s in both pumps and automatic... Some real nice ones
  5. vahounds

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    my dad had a 410 pump he just sold for like 500 bucks a few weeks ago that he won, and promised he'd never sell. it was brand new he won, but financial reasons forced him to sell it....and darn i'd like to have it back...that is a shooting son of a gun
  6. Bglenut

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    I have a couple of the 410 Rem 1100 and they are hard to find in good to great shape. If you do find one they are well worth the price.
  7. So, are you wanting to sale one or just talk about them???
  8. Bglenut

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    Any thing I have is for sale, BUT will you pay the price I want for them?
  9. Whats your price?
  10. :headscratch: i think i can buy a new one under that. But thanks anyway.
  11. Bglenut

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    Ok - No probelm - These older 410's are very hard to find and harder to fine one in great shape.

    Thats why I don't have them for sale, but the can be bought for the right price.
  12. i have a 1100 in a 410 ga. and a couple 1100's in 28 ga. but the older one's are getting so hard to find mine are not for sale.
  13. This was a wanted post. Not to see what every one has post!!!!!!
  14. check out any local walmart that sells guns. they carry a mossberg pump .410 for 227 bucks. i recently bought one myself here at the Harrison walmart and i love it. surprisingly good pattern for a .410 and hard to beat a brand new pump 410 for that price too.
  15. just FYI...that mossberg is a full-choked shotgun, so if i'm not mistaken, you wont be able to shoot slugs out of it. of course, i havent see a rabbit yet that needed a slug to take it down:D