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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by RKW, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. RKW

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    I wanted to share this with you. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't mentioned running my dogs lately. The reason is that I have been down in my back. I went to the Dr. last Wednesday with a lot of pain from what he and I both thought was a pulled muscle. He prescribed a muscle relaxer and a pain killer which I've used many times in the past for this. As the days went by the pain was increasing and not getting better. I could hardly move without hollering and cringing with pain. By Monday I was almost incapacitated so I got back to the Dr.'s office and this time he said we need to x-ray my back. Well when he placed the x-rays on the screen I could even see the problem. The gap between my L4 and L5 was over an inch on the front and the back was angled upward and jammed into the vertebra above it. He asked me if I had ever heard of spondylolisthesis which is a long word for an unstable spine. He said I would probably have to go to a specialist but I would have to go through a therapy regime first. The pain was excruciating it even hurt to breath by now and I was scared for my future as well because he didn't have one of those everything's going to be alright speeches for me.

    I could hardly get from my chair in the house to the bathroom or anywhere without buckleing to my knees with pain. Here is where things started to change. I called a friend of mine that lives in Mississippi and while I was telling him what was happening to me he said well lets just pray about it and turn it over to the Lord. He started praying over the phone for me and when he finished I thanked him and told him that I recieved it. A few hours later he called me back and told me that he had rememered me in prayer at his prayer group as well. Then he said that the Lord told him that I would be ok in 24 hours. That was around 6:00pm yesterday. The pain has gone now and I am doing fine. I don't know what to say about this but I wanted to tell someone how I had been blessed.

  2. bglehound

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    You have truly been blessed , there is nothing prayer can'nt accomplish.

  3. THANK GOD!!!!!...he is still on the throne making intercessions for his children!!!...i know he is still performing miracles everyday!!!...great to know you are feeling better....FAITH is a powerful thing!!!!
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    Check your messages
  5. RKW

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    Thanks Rosco I did. God bless you.

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    Glad you ar feeling better
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    Glad you are feeling better.Nothing like the power of prayer.
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    An ole saying is that time heals all wounds,but ain't it good to know he that controls all time and is in control all the time.
  9. Good to hear you are doing better. GOD BLESS!
  10. Jeff Gammon

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    I do believe He is still in the miracle business
  11. RKW

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    Thanks everyone and yes I am truely blessed. The Lord is still on the throne and very much in the miracle buisness. We need only to look at our lives to see that we are all very blessed. I have learned to seek Him and He is always there.

  12. glad to here you are doing better roger
  14. MackC

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    You are blessed, and we all are blessed! God is good and prayer is powerful.
  15. HunterMS

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    As an elderly gentlemen says every time he prays at church for the sick "God is the great physician."

    I know how much you must have been hurting. I was having back problems and would not go to the Doctor. One morning I could not straighten my leg and was in terrible pain. I had to have surgery. That was five years ago this past March 12th. Thank God I have had no more problems.

    Wish I had prayed more. I might not have had to have it.

    Hope you keep doing well. Praise God for your recovery.
  16. Owl Creek

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    Glad to hear your doing better.
    and for your testament.
    sometime we get drug down in the weight of the worldly things.
    and then to see something like this lifts us back up , reienforce's us and the things we know about our Lord and how powerful he is and how much he loves us.

    i was not going to get on the PC this morning because the agent will be here in a bit to take pics of the house so we can list it.
    and i have alot of things to tidy up.
    i have been running behind due to alot of drama with one of my boys
    and i'm just mentaly wore out.
    but i thought i would pop on the net while a had a cup of coffee.
    this is the first place i came and the first post i looked at.

    so thanks for throwing This ol'dog a bone.
    i need'ed it.

  17. thank you for blessing us with your testimony and thank God for your healing.
    we all need reminders like this that God is in control. thanks again, and i'm glad you are doing better.
  18. RKW

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    Thank you Rob, and you go with God and our prayers will be with you too!

  19. beagleman01

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    god works in mysterious ways, glad you are feeling better
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    GOD IS SO GOOD!!! CAN I GET AN AAAMMMEEENNN!!! thanks for your testimony RKW it blessed me also.:up: