Video of last weeks running

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Spini Boys, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Made a YouTube page.
    Took all the video with my Blackberry phone so the quality is not as good as I like. These are both from last week working pups with one old slow hound (Smoke) not the best check work or very tight, but smoke helps them out.
  2. Spini Ya got steady hand good job some my videos will make ya sea sick :fit: Nice hounds

  3. Big Holler

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    Spini, good job for a phone. Smoke sure does hold down a check.
  4. Yeah he does, sometimes I want to give him a push. He is a little slow for me but he is clean. Does well in ARHA Gundog Brace, but gets creamed in Gundog Pack. He is also great with starting pups, but it dont take them long to leave him behind. He is the only hound I have like that.
  5. Big Holler

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    Spini, got any video of old george that would be fun to watch. He was one fine rabbit dog. OZZY
  6. Hey Ozzy that you?
    No, wish I did, wish I had him back. He was a cool hound dog. Whats going on with the clubs down south? I know they combined and cancelled all the hunts till 2010, how many hunts you planning for 2010?
    Headed out from the fire station this morning for a day of running with Kansas Mike. Talk to ya tommarow.
  7. Big Holler

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    Spini I think we planned 6 hunts for the year. Tina has sent out a news letter if you haven't got one let me know and I will have her send another one.