video of Blackcreek pups

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by FB, Dec 18, 2009.

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  2. good looking pups.


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    NE AR
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    where are the puppies located and how much
  5. FB

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    I live in central Arkansas but those two arent for sale. I had showed a picture of the chocolate one when I got her and the video was just to show how much she was growing. :wink:
  6. beagleman01

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    good looking pups FB
  7. I'd be worried about that otis pup, looks like somthings bad wrong with him, maybe to much tail. lol
  8. FB

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    ha ha
  9. RKW

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    Those are good looking pups FB.:up: I was just wandering but do they come with tails too?:beagle::beagle:
  10. You can get them with tails, but the delux model is what is shown in the video
  11. FB

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    Ive got one Blackcreek that came with a full tail. Usually you have to pay extra for that. :razz:
  12. The reason for removing the tail is; just less dog to feed
  13. RKW

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    So FB, let me get this correct. :headscratch: They can keep the tail and you'll take the DISCOUNT!!!:bolt:lol The economy is bad. Now I understand.