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    Great Video - I love to watch the young hounds work a track.

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    Enjoyed the video Blubeagle.

  3. good video and some good looking pups
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    great job:thumb:
  5. thanks guys...i think i have some good dogs in the making!!!
  6. On one post it indicated four young hounds were in the chase,actually only three young hounds and a pup 3 months you have two tri color,one buetick and one pup redtick..
    Give us a little back ground on the four you had in this video..TY
  7. ok...the 2 tri colored dogs...i raised this litter of pups...i owned the mother...and a friend of mine had the father...they were born on march 30th of 09...both females!...and the male bluetick...he is 11 months old...and i got him from a real good friend!!!...i have had him about 2 weeks...he has a great bloodline and pedigree..he has a real good coon dog bark...has a great desire to hunt...and can flat burn a rabbit up!!!....and then there was my pup...i bought her in Ky...she was born Dec. 20th of 09!!!! she is about 3 and a half months old!!!....will sight chase the heck out of a rabbit...and after loosing sight of it...she will put her nose down and try to find the line...and will bark on the line if it is hot...she will go with the other dogs pretty good...if they get away from her she will come back to me!!!...i can only imagine what these 4 will be doing this fall...LOL
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    I enjoied those, they were a lot of fun
  9. good videos enjoyed & man i like your running terrain nice country:up:
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    Good looking dogs also looks like a great place to and get some good video. :thumb:
  11. the area i was at is a to the public..if you buy the permit!...LOL...there is some great hunting there!!...hunted to death during season!!!...iif i could just get people to understand ...we need to leave SOME...for breeding!!!...dont kill them all...dont get me wrong...i love to eat rabbit...and i do eat rabbit...but to is NOT all about killing and the numbers!!!!...but if i go out of state to hunt some virgin can bet me and some buddies will fill the tailgate!!!!...but i like to make the hounds circle the rabbit once before any shots fired...if then!!!