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Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by Crofford, Apr 25, 2010.

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    I put a post up a couple of weeks ago about a dog with a bad cut on her leg.I got this spray from the vet called Vetericyn VF wound and infection treatment.It was kinda high $45 dollars for a 16oz bottle but it worked great.The cut on this dogs leg was around 2 inches long it didn't go into the meat but it looked like you could stick your fingers under her hide and peel hear like a rabbit.the vet gave me this spray and antibiotics and it worked great the wound started closing up in just a couple of days and is now almost completly healed I don't even think she will have much of a scar.The bottle says you can use it on just about anything it is safe to spray in their ears and safe around thier eyes.I think it is well worth the $45 bucks to keep a bottle of this stuff around.Has anyone else tried it?
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    Thanks for the info

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    Crofford, I have been meaning to buy some of this myself. I have a friend that uses it on his race horses and swears by it. He told me that they make a version of it for humans too. Gonna' have to try some of that stuff for sure.

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    sounds like $45 dollars well spent
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    Can I get it over the counter ?
  6. just bought me a bottle to try on hot spots and dew rot ,16oz bottle was 23$
  7. i just bought a $12 bottle of it yesterday for a dog that got a big boil thingy on her side got it drained out but left a pencil hole it the top of it that was gross vet gave us that and amoxicillan to give her, after just putting it on there twice it already looks less red
  8. It works I have used it several times.
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    Bought some last summer have used it on several things on the hounds. Works great, I keep a bottle on hand.
  10. There are two versions available one prescription and one over-the-counter. The VF formula is available through vets and is supposed to be double the strength of the over-the-counter version.
  11. What i like is it has no smell ,basically like baby oil and water !
  12. If you look closely at the bottles ( they have several different types ear, eye, wound etc.) the ingredients are the same. Where I get it from says its because of how its labeled they can charge more for the same stuff. So buy the biggest cheapest bottle and use it for everything. I have used it in their eyes ears and wounds and it works great. I use it on my own cuts too, a drug store close to me has it in human labeled formula but I just use what I have at the dogpen.
  13. I have used it on my dogs and horses. It really is quality stuff. I saw a sales rep at a feed store squirt the stuff in his mouth, it is completely non-toxic.
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    It works great!!!!!!!!
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    I've been using it for years on cattle with pink-eye. Works as good as anything else I've seen. The vet even told me it's the same stuff they use when they treat infected cattle. Good stuff.