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    Alot responded to question about cherry eye, I have tried to get appointment for a couple of weeks to get it removed but haven't been able to.Does any of your vets do it on an office visit or do they all want to keep dog overnight? One vet wants to see dog, talk about it, then schedule surgery another time. Another wants dog brought in one afternoon, then do surgery the next day. If she is doing ok she goes home later that day.If I can find one close enough that will do it on office visit I will drive a little to get it done.
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    Since most of the Vets wil have to put the dog to sleep for the surgery. They will have it a max of 2 days.

    That is what my vet did on one hound I had.

    Some people know how to do it at the house and it is over in about 20 seconds.

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    Cecil did you call Dr. Rocconni at the Camden Animal Hospital? He is my Vet and he will either help you or tell you where you can get help. 870-836-6879.

  4. I took mine that morning and pick her up that afternoon but every vet is different
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    Ricky Hughes In Malvern Ar did mine dropped of that morning picked up that evening. Hughes Animal Hosp
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    Dr. Ashley at the Animal Medical Clinic. Protho Junction N. Little Rock. Dropped mine off in the A.M. picked him up that afternoon. He works Mon. Tues. Fri. Sat. Some want to keep them overnight I think because they want them to be inactive for a few hours after the surgery? Dr. Ashley is a beagle runner and a good Vet!
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    Dr. Ashley's # 501-945-3244
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    Got a appointment with Rocconni on the 17th, this will be a busy day. I have to have the little gyp in Camden between 8 and 9 then go to El Dorado, second grandson suppose to be brought into world around 12,then be back in Camden to pick up gyp between 4 and 5, go back to El Dorado then home to Crossett.
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    Thanks to all for your reply!!