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For a litter of pups, I would probably do .5 cc's a week for a cpl weeks. Just to be on the safe side. as young pups they should not need the daily amounts a larger dog just getting started would. this is what I did for my three youngens this summer.

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Thanks. I heard of a guy losing a litter of pups from using too much so I want to make sure that I use the right amount.
Your not suppose to use Valabazen on pregnant bitch's at all safeguard is safest but not the cheapest.
Grown dogs get 1cc Valbazen per 10 pounds for 2 day straight and you repeat it in 21 days.
pup's at the age of 2,3,4,5,6,8,10 weeks get 1/2cc per 10 pds.
They say Valbazen is hard on the liver have plenty of water for the dog,weigh the dog and get the proper weight. It very strong every thing in moderation twice a year is good.
He should have cleaned her out before breeding her in a 4X8 above ground pen with 2x4 flooring gapped 1 inch apart so the urine and the feces drop to the ground that will keep her and the pup's clean and safe.

I have pic's of the pen's,but i dont know how to put them up.
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