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I give my own shots and order them from Revival. My vet told me that they don't recomend giving a six week old puppy 7 or 8 in ones anymore. He says give them the 5 in one. The Leptose is too hot for pups that young and some will have a reaction? I give 5 in one @ 6 weeks then a 7 in one @ 9 and 12. If you go to Revivalanimal.com, and click on the fish section, you can order amox, cephlex and all kinds of antibiotics that the vet charges big $ for at a fraction of the cost. Look at your old prescription bottles and see what size dose your vet gave you and order that size. If you raise many pups its good to have some Albon on had. Get this from your vet and use for a prevent for cockcidiosous. (spelling??) Order a bottle of the Fish Zole. This is the magic pill. If you ever get a dog (grown or pup) with the squirts, give twice a day. Grown dog 1 whole pill, pup 1/4 a pill twice daily for 3 to 5 days. Watch and see how fast it clears up. I'm not a vet but have used these meds that I order for a while. Can't tell you what has been proven medically, but can tell you what has worked for me?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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