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    What do you give your pups and when?

    Ive always given a 7 way at 6, 9, and 12 weeks with no problems even though some vets say dont give the 7 way until the 3rd or 4th shot because the pups dont need Lepto at that age and they can have a bad reaction to it.

    What do yall think?

    Ever had a bad experience with the 7 way and pups?
  2. 5 way at 6 weeks, 7 way at 9 and 12 weeks.

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    I've always heard that a pup has natural immunity from their mother till their weened. But then you see adds of 6 week old pups for sale and they say, "all shot's given". Does it really help to give a pup a shot under six weeks old ?
  4. Yes. Mothers milk is natural antibodies but not always enough. Give shot at five weeks in case she isn't producing. When u think about the time and money already spent a few more for shots is no time to half ass it.
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    I think it was a tape i was watching on the old country vet, and i believe he said that people were destroying the immune sytem by giving to many shots. I will see if i can find it.
  6. please would not believe some of the "advise" i have heard!!!
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    Go to and read his articles about giving shot's
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    Shots Can Kill

    I lost 4 out of six beautiful little blueticks giving them a 7-way to early, broke my heart. 5 way is the way to go for the little ones.
  9. I give 8 in 1 shots at 6,9,12 weeks. If they don't have 8in1 I'll get the 7in1. Personally I've never had a bad experience with any of them. Unless your shots are out of date, left out of the fridge, or just a bad batch for whatever reason, they will not hurt a pup regardless when u give it to them. Unless it's all they have when u need them, why not buy the shot that's gonna help prevent the most diseases? I'm not a vet and this is just what I do, but if available, 8in1 all the way around here.
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    So you think it was the lepto that killed them or just "bad" shots? By bad I mean out of date, not refrigerated, or something like that.
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    I have heard, don't know if it's so or not that when you put the neddle into the bottle that is liquid and draw it out and put into the bottle of the powder to mix it, if the neddle of liquid pull's it's own self out, it's good, if you have to pull it out by the plunger, it's bad.
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    I go by the date on the bottle, but if the bottle of powder has lost its vacume I sure wouldnt use it
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    They were up to date and I kept them in the fridge. Maybe something happened at the store or warehouse....I don't know, I asked a Vet and he said I shold have only given the 5:1 shots at 6 weeks because the others can be lethal to some puppies...I guess the heat outside at the time didn't help either. I just play it safe now and have not lost anymore.
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    Ive heard other people talk about that happening to them too. Ive just been lucky I guess.
  15. i always do 7 ways at 5,7,9 and never had any problems . got a litter now , think i am gonna hit with the 8 way on their 3rd shot thou just to be sure
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    It's why certain immunizations are not given to children until certain developmental ages and their likely hood of contact with the disease.